You Are Not Your Pain

This week, I want to share one simple truth with you.

You are so much more.

Not in the self-help, blah-blah, yikkety-yak way, but you are more than your dreams, your expectations, your singleness, your marriage, your motherhood, your limitations, your pain, etc. . .

You are a child of God. Favored not forgotten. Upheld not forsaken. Full of purpose. The work of God’s hands. Called to the work of God. A bearer of His image. That’s who you are, and it’s not based on your merit at all. There is nothing that can swoop in to rob you of the truth.

The reality is your pain doesn’t have the power to become you, but your pain does have the potential to be the place you know God more and become more like Him.

Think of whatever struggle or difficult season you are facing in life right now. Be brutally honest. Hold nothing back. Name it. Say it aloud

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So This Is What Faithfulness Feels Like

A few weeks ago, I was discouraged. I found myself thinking,

“So this is what faithfulness feels like.”Β 

I didn’t like the feeling.

But a couple days later, I had another thought. . . a better thought. . . a healing thought–

“So this is what Faithfulness looks like.”

The Faithfulness here refers to God. The God who parted the Red Sea and healed the heartbroken woman who was sick for 12 years. The God who kept His promises while humanity broke trust, violated worship, idolized, adulterated, murdered. The God who forgave, delighted in, and gave people belonging.

The God who still forgives, delights, and causes us to belong!

Who breaks each new morning with mercies instead of letting each new morning break us. Who thinks precious thoughts of me. . . of you. Who lavishes a Psalm 23 life upon us. The God who helps, searches, knows, and still loves. . . both of us. Who powerfully gives us victory over and over and over and over again.

And over again.

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Tidings of Comfort and Joy in March

God gives and gives and gives and gives again. I am already anticipating the holiday season. I love that we savor that season as long as we can. We give thanks for the year and then we prepare our hearts to celebrate the Life who gives us life. We celebrate the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day and it’s such a beautiful time for our souls to pause and remember.

But God isn’t bound by our holiday season. He doesn’t stop giving when the season is over. He continues on just as He always has. Bestowing good gifts. Holding us in steadfast favor. Loving us fully and deeply. Pouring out mercy which never ends, but still begins again with every new morning. Weaving our every ordinary day in grace. Sewing our broken hearts with His nearness.

Our God goes on giving…on and on and on.

But here I am sitting in March. Feeling those pinpricks of discouragement. And then it overwhelms me. I’m sitting there saying, “I don’t know what I should do to turn my day around.” I don’t really pray or ask God for help. I just sit there wondering what on earth I am going to do to turn my Saturday around.

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When Spring Comes with Snow

February came with the prayer that God would be my Refuge. And, of course, He answered. I spent time in Psalm 31, soaking in the truths, finding my broken-record heart to be carefully listened to by the God of all beautiful things.

I found Refuge.

And I am living proof that God is always ready to receive weariness, discouragement, and a world of disjointed emotions. I am comforted by the Holy Spirit who intercedes for me. I am comforted by the Living Word which floods this desert-soul with truth and burrows deep for the promise of another spring.

For the wonder that I can experience quite a few spring-times in one short year. For Psalm 31 which sustained my heart in the second week of February. And Isaiah 40 which reminds me that God is powerful in both wisdom and understanding while intimately present in my life with love, nurture, and kindness. Read more