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Ben’s Perspective

Meet Ben!


1. What was it like when you asked your girlfriend to marry you?

I was very excited. I could hardly keep from exploding the entire time. And I was so excited that I could hardly plan out how I wanted to propose to her. And I was rushing it all, so that’s the main reason I was nervous. I was excited, because obviously, I was pretty sure she would say yes. ๐Ÿ™‚ And we were going to enter into this next stage of life together and enjoy companionship for the rest of our lives.

2. Did you have strong opinions about how the wedding should be or were you more like “She can get married in a brown paper bag for all I care!”?

Yes. I wanted a wedding that would glorify God first and foremost. One that would make my future wife happy and a good memory for her to look back on. And I wanted it to be fun for everyone! Those were the three main things.

  • Was there a point in the planning process that you seriously considered just getting in the car to go elope?

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Real Women

Leanne’s Story | Dating

Meet Leanne!


1. How did you meet your man?

Working at Panera bread. We closed together every day and just starting talking, then one day we went out to eat and bam!

2. What is one of the most difficult things about dating?

Communication and understanding. It takes time and patience to understand each other and learn how to respect each other through communication. I want him to understand and listen to me and be there for me, but I also cannot be selfish and not put in the same effort. This is how you fall in love. It’s about loving the other, respecting the other, knowing the other, and understanding, or trying to understand.


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Real Women

Cheyenne’s Story | Dating

Meet Cheyenne!


1. How did you meet your man?

Micah and I met when his family moved to Ironwood in the 3rd grade. We grew up as childhood friends! โ˜บ

What is the most difficult thing about dating?

Long Distance! It was both good for us, yet extremely difficult at times! Learning to understand one another and what theyโ€™re doing. It gets very frustrating to not go through life together and to do all your communication over the phone/skype/ or texting. Misunderstandings definitely come up! Girls think WAY different than guys, and the sooner you understand that and learn the ways of a guy.. the better! Haha Continue reading “Cheyenne’s Story | Dating”