Reflections of a Falling Heart

 I told myself to count the things that were different after I had surgery. I want to remember every bit of recovery. The tears have fallen so freely since April 2nd. I still can’t believe that I’m not fighting this battle anymore. I’m done calling doctors and done making appointments. I’m done filling out paperwork… Continue reading Reflections of a Falling Heart

Better Than a Fairytale

Aside from feeling that someone cut me open and had a fight with my insides, I'm feeling great! Still amazed that this surgery came to pass. I think my God is pleased to know that I am still in wonder, still in amazement at the miracle He worked. I won't try to describe to you… Continue reading Better Than a Fairytale

Living with Chronic Pain

I come to this topic carefully as many people have suffered chronic pain, and pain is so diverse. I just wanted to write the practical things that I have learned throughout my four years of living with chronic pain. I have written more personally about my journey through chronic pain many times. Those posts are… Continue reading Living with Chronic Pain