About Me

I believe there are so many other women like myself fighting for their own hearts while they learn that real Joy is from God, and that life is only life with Him. I’m passionate about encouraging every woman to live freely and fully in the story God has given her. Writing my story becomes a bridge to hers, and here we can encourage and uplift one another.


I’m the farthest thing from a perfect little Christian (and you won’t find the common cliches here), but I have no hope without God. He rescues me from my anxiety and fear. He comforts me in my pain and deep suffering. I’ve begun to experience that life in God is rich life. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever known, and I want this kind of life for you too. Because you don’t need a husband, or a kid, or a house, or successful job to be fully satisfied.

I’ll only write to you with real and honest words, because I’m here to reach you, to inspire you, to encourage you.

And you can be sure that I’ll splash in the ordinary things too (like my goats 🙂 and my porch garden) and the big life things (like marriage ,milestones and simple happiness).

So really? This blog is just life. It’s life knowing God. It’s life realizing Joy. It’s life learning what it means to live. And I think all of it is meant to be shared.

In fact, I’m convinced of it.


11 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I have found it can be difficult to really hear someone when they’re stating their opinion too staunchly. It’s so hard to speak your mind and listen at the same time, or listen when you know someone doesn’t care what you think. I agree a lot of blogs about writing are more opinionated than conversations and having someone aim for something different is fantastic!

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    1. I love what you said….”It’s so hard to speak your mind and listen at the same time.” That is a skill to be learned, and I am still learning how to do that well! Thank you for your comment. I’m so glad there are people like you out there!

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