A Story of Hope

In spring 2017, my heart was split open…slowly and then all at once. I had no idea that the initial breaking of my heart would ultimately lead to so much hope, healing, joy, and nearness to God. But that’s what God does. He is Life-Giver! He helps us turn corners and leap over walls. And He loves doing it! Spring 2018 has been full of this undeniable and breathtaking joy I could not have imagined for myself. God wants life for me! And He has done it!

Here are bits and pieces of my story over the last 365+ days. The story is far from over, but it can’t wait to be told.

God makes new!

 Learning to Live My Own Story

 Finding True Rest in Hard Times


Renewed Hope in the New Spring

When Hard Things Heal

Surrendering My Heart Again

Burning My Expectations in God’s Grace

This Place is Called Fear

The Beautiful Song of the Weary

When the Wasteland Becomes Hope

Healing after Heartbreak 

part 1

part 2:

Joy: Inspired by a 5-year-old

Maybe it’s not life I love, but a Love that makes life worth living!

Impossible JOY and My Favorite Flower

There is a hard that leads to healing

God is doing a NEW thing!

I can’t believe all God has done! I anticipate with open arms whatever He has in store for my future. And I’m not really sure what that will be! This last year began with heartbreak which lead to hope, then to healing, then to joy, then to abundant LIFE. God has only ever wanted life for me and this has been a road leading me ever nearer Him, ever nearer life.


I can only conclude that whatever comes in the next 365 days will be for my good, a result of His ever-present delight in me, and His desire for all the glory!

I honestly can’t wait!