Coming October 8th!

Girl with Good Bones

A collection of 20 poems chronicling the journey of grief to healing to saying yes to life to intense fear to joy to resolve. It tells the story of a woman who finds herself as a skeleton after personal, chaotic, life-altering grief. As light fills the space between bone, as skin grows back thin and vulnerable, as she steps over the threshold of her damaged house, she discovers the most beautuiful surprises threatened only by the fear that creeps close behind as she grapples with the grief that remains a part of her frame.

The entire story will be available as a pdf download on October 8th and I’ll be posting the first 5 poems on my blog and instagram beginning October 1st! It really is meant to be read as a complete story all in one place, but I also want to offer it in other formats. In the second week of October, I’ll post the poetry on my blog in sections over the course of that week. And! I’m hoping to record all the poems for my podcast to go LIVE mid-October.

So while the entire story will be available to you for free next Friday, there will also be other ways for you to enjoy it throughout the month.

I do recommend downloading the pdf to read with a cup of coffee or tea one quiet fall-feeling evening. Girl with Good Bones read in one sitting gives you a better chance to see your own story in the words, catch every play on words, and let the freedom and overwhelming light of the last few poems wash over you. I’ll post the first poem of the collection this Friday and it will just get better from there.

October 8th here we come!

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