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April | A Personal Journey through 2019

There are some new faces around here so I want to explain a bit about this year-long series. I decided this would be the year I taught + showed the value of writing life down. In 2016, I began intermittently writing a simple sentence on the calendar about my day. In 2017, it became more of a steady habit which would slowly develop into a lifeline for seeing good things. By 2020, it has become an important life rhythm. I’m honest about my tough days, but more often than not I’m consciously looking back on the day to find one lovely thing I want to remember and celebrate. Sometimes it’s as simple as the sound of leaves falling and other times it’s the miracle of a hoped-for & long-awaited pregnancy.

My favorite part of this life rhythm is reading through my calendar on New Year’s Day and recalling all the moments I’d forgotten, all the bits of life so important yet so easily buried beneath the noise, pain, and exhaustion.

If I can teach women anything, I hope to teach them how to celebrate and rejoice in the life God has given right here. So, I decided to share my 2019 calendar with you! To catch up, here are the links for January, February, and March.

March was such a difficult month for me, but April swooped in with so much life. Here it is. What a joy to look back!

01: still so sad about Nigel | spontaneous much needed chat with J

02: beginning of blog ministry hiatus

03: fun time with little girls + hot cocoa + goats + A

04: dessert with the M family

05: family night

06: beautiful birds and buttercups

07: simple tire fix, day full of gifts, soaking in life with my best friend ❤

08: a day of gifts + life

09: migraine day but still go to take in beautiful sunshine

10: day of life ❤

11: dinners in the sunshine + birds 🙂

12: motivation for blogging coming back

13: beautiful lunch hour outside. . . motivated again. . .good time with each other ❤

14: vibrant green! spring has burst

15: D + M are such kind friends (Dutch Bros stickers are stuck to this day 🙂 )

16: coffee with J | A loves my book

17: pretty day, a really good nap

18: free matching bedside tables

19: fun night out with I + G & sunny Starbucks drive-thru laughs 😀

20: perfect spring day ❤ worked on porch + took videos of home

21: ❤ Risen! The Reason for Hope! ❤

22: ❤ Baby Goats born! ❤

23: (not really sure what I was trying to write on this day, but something about goats, haha)

24: kids meet the baby goats and LOVE them

25: feels good to really work outside. . .loving on baby goats makes life crazier and funner!

26: feeling more settled with baby goats. . .lovin’ it. . .two on my lap at once!

27: how many more times can I mention those CUTE baby goats! 🙂

28: visited a lovely church. . .so welcoming | new flowers

29: soaking in another spring afternoon with baby goats

30: asked to speak for Horsey camp again + more lovely birds.

So many of these days held celebratory moments, and I love that I can still be reminded of them. It’s so easy to forget and while we weren’t built to remember everything about life, it is so lovely to track a smidgen of the good things. It’s never too late to start your own rhythm of writing life down. Maybe you will do it like this with a calendar and a simple phrase. Or maybe you will take a picture a day of something to recall. Or maybe you’ll get out your sketch pad and draw a moment you experienced. There’s not a wrong way to write your life, and the only way you can mess it up is if you don’t do it. You still have plenty of 2020 to left to write, remember, and celebrate.

Have fun with it!

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