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February | A Personal Journey Through 2019

This year, I’m taking you on a journey through my 2019 calendar to show you how simple it is to write one small thing about your life each day. This short exercise has helped me notice, savor, and celebrate my life.

What I love about my record for February 2019 is how much I wrote about nature. I don’t remember everything about that February, but I do remember it being dominated by life and it’s reflected on the calendar.

March would swoop in with pain and intensity, but isn’t it amazing that hard times don’t erase the beauty we’ve already experienced?

Here’s February 2019.

1st: Professional Rescuer! Only missed two.

2nd: trusting God again. ❤

3rd: Return to a Person not a place ❤ lots of rain!

4th: lights snowfall ❤

5th: woke up to a beautiful dusting of snow!

6th: Held C for the FIRST time. PURE JOY!

7th: nothing recorded

8th: lots and lots of smiles with C ❤

9th: snow, coffee morning, & chats with Mom & Chey

10th: extra time with B & E

11th: nothing recorded

12th: Valentine’s Day Prep 🙂 ❤

13th: Ben makes Queen of the Forest crown 😀

14th: A REALLY fun Valentine’s Day. So much partyyy!

15th: gorgeous, beautiful SNOW!

16th: beautiful walk. ..moss on trees. . .dripping water. . .patches of sunlight. ❤

17th: beautiful, beautiful gorgeous piles of snow and snowfall!

18th: J over for coffee + chat

19th: an ordinary day. . .: ) i like those

20th: floral crown + snowflakes. . .still a kid 🙂

21st: MORE SNOW + partial snow day & secret coffee break

22nd: goats were energetic & Nigel was acting hysterical! 😀

23rd: ben is the kindest man I know. . .

24th: savoring the memory of 24 and watching Ben with the goats

25th: nothing recorded

26th: Ben is fun to be married to – LAUGHTER 🙂

27th: downpours of rain & laughing at Franklin (our dog)

28th: QUITE the day, but mostly spent with Ben ❤ Heard a “ministry-kid” really loved + related to my book. HUGE!

Remembering life is a gift to behold and one we don’t often receive. Instead of letting all the complicated and mundane things stack up against us, we can offer ourselves beautiful clarity on something as plain as a calendar.

Thirty seconds a day with a pen and a calendar is a kind of magic and can make a world of difference.

Watch it happen.

Start Today.

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