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January | A Personal Journey Through 2019

I told you this year would be the year I taught + showed you the value of writing your life down. I’m passionate about helping you rediscover your life and savor right where you are. So, here we go. . .

In 2016, I began intermittently writing a simple sentence on the calendar about my day. In 2017, it became more of a steady habit which would slowly develop into a lifeline for seeing good things.

I’m honest about my tough days, but more often than not I’m consciously looking back on the day to find one lovely thing I want to remember and celebrate. Sometimes it’s as simple as the sound of leaves falling and other times it’s the miracle of a hoped-for & long-awaited pregnancy.

This year I’m taking you on a journey through my 2019 calendar, and I hope you see how simple it is to write one small thing about your life each day. It has truly helped me notice, savor, and celebrate my life. My favorite part is reading through my calendar on New Year’s Day and recalling all the moments I’d forgotten, all the bits of life so important yet so easily buried beneath the noise, pain, and exhaustion. If I can teach you anything, I hope to teach you how to celebrate and rejoice in the life God has given you right here.

I thought about sharing each month of 2020, but I didn’t want to feel the pressure of recording things I knew would become a blog post. So, here is 2019 as it happened. (I’ve adjusted tiny things to make it more readable and have also abbreviated names of those in my personal life.) By the end of this year, I hope you can see how simple, life-giving, and celebratory it is to write your life down. . .however it looks right now.


1st: sweet time together visiting

2nd: πŸ™‚ love this life & more Christmas cards

3rd: VERY excited about my birthday πŸ™‚

4th: fun/good day. . .I like being alive

5th: stormy weather & organizing

6th: stormy weather, free milkshake, awesome gifts, laughing πŸ˜€

7th: propane-man came. . .heat in KK! Sweet text from Dad

8th: last two days. . . such good bonding with J

9th: a fun morning of work & a lot to process. . .

10th: FUN dinner at the Mill πŸ™‚ & much laughter!

11th: special moments with J! bonding πŸ™‚

12th: feels so good to blog again ❀

13th: a REALLY wonderful day with Ben and Romans 12:12 ❀

14th: encouraged in the truth of who I am in God & who I am becoming

15th: Very wintry, rainy day & moved flowers to catch some rain

16th: heard a tree fall outside. LOTS of rain

17th: stormy weather, coffee & catching up with E πŸ™‚

18th: nothing recorded

19th: nothing recorded

20th: downpours!

21st: fun goat outing to the “other side” & beautiful sunshine!

22nd: a fun catch up with J πŸ˜€

23rd: E loved writing + creating new books πŸ™‚

24th: windows open in the afternoon. . .beautiful!

25th: ate lunch watching the goats. beautiful January sun

26th: feels so good to blog again & God is so kind

27th: coffee cup is back, garden work, felt like spring ❀

28th: nothing recorded

29th: making soup while watching our goats graze. LOVE IT!

30th: nothing recorded

31st: hanging bird feeders & laughing about amazon packing bubbles πŸ˜€

It’s amazing that the simplicity of this exercise brings such great reward. We complicate so many things, don’t we? It’s not too late to jot your life on a calendar. Before the 29th rolls around, I’ll be sure to share February 2019 on the blog. I hope you join me! I’m so excited to take you along on last year’s personal journey. What a ride. Happy February. Choose to celebrate. It is always safe to rejoice in God.

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