Celebrating ONE Year of A Pygmy’s Life for Me!

Today’s marks one year of A Pygmy’s Life for Me being in the world! I’ve loved giving adults and kids a place on the shelf. A Pygmy’s Life for Me has spoken straight to the hearts of those who have or who are struggling with the label of “good,” but it’s also been a fun and comforting read to those who are just walking their way through life.

The broken darkness of this world holds no respect for Christian kids in good homes. And we’ve got to get that in our heads! A “good” kid’s battle-torn heart, inward mind games, and difficulties are nuanced in ways that fly underneath the radar all the time. No one is exempt from the broken darkness of life on earth. THANKFULLY GOD IS GREATER! And we have answers to questions like:

Who am I? Do I matter? Is my small story worth anything? Does being a “good” Christian kid mean I don’t need as much help? How do I live free?  How do I get out of their opinions and ideas of me? Is my story worth sharing at all?

My goal for A Pygmy’s Life for Me was (and is!) to bring clarity and truth to anyone feeling small, misunderstood, or isolated. And God has brought that goal to fruition. Meeting it in ways I never could. Yes, this book is my personal history, but it also holds the anthem of freedom for all of us. We are not defined by how we began. God’s grace has permeated every corner of our life. And we are free!

The bottom line is we are all in desperate need of God and a true understanding of the rich identity and joy we have in Him.

A Pygmy’s Life for Me is simply written from the perspective of a Christian kid who is discovering the joy and freedom of her identity in Christ! It doesn’t really matter how, where, or when you grew up. . .this discovery can be quite a long, personal, hard, and wonderful process.

Within the pages you’ll find tenacious joy unearthed, big questions answered, and deep pain overcome. You can finish the last chapter of the A Pygmy’s Life for Me, close the book, and know for certain your story is far from over.

And God’s story in us is always stunning, always good, and always full of better and best and healing and hope.

Let’s recount a few of my favorite things that have happened since the book released last November:

A woman read the entire book in ONE sitting after getting it in the mail. She loved it and gave it to her daughter for Christmas. 

To be a part of someone’s life in this way is a joy and a privilege, but to be welcomed into the life of her daughter was perhaps the greatest Christmas gift I received last year!

Inspiring others to write down their own story.

This is HUGE! I loved that A Pygmy’s Life for Me encourages others to write down their life. Giving a voice to your story not only clarifies the incredible things God has done (and helps you remember the hilarious moments), but it can also help others feel less alone as they boldly embrace the life God has given them. If you feel inspired to write about your life after you read this book, then WRITE. . .or, in the very least, share your story with us in some form. It doesn’t have to go anywhere or be published, but it’s never a waste of time to write, share, reflect, and see what God has done in your life!

A Pygmy’s Life for Me reached people decades apart.

One of the book’s reviews said this: I loved this book! Even though the author and I are decades apart in age, her story blessed me where I am. I laughed, I cried, and I was awestruck with God’s love and leading in a life that includes joy and pain. Her story shows how our loving, sovereign God uses everything to draw us close, show us His love and tenderness, and give us joy and peace; all while glorifying Himself.

I love the phrase, “her story blessed me where I am.” That’s the beauty of this book. It reaches far beyond one specific age group. It’s an account of freedom with hilarious stories, deep questions answered, painful experiences, and healing woven throughout. It’s for girls and women. It’s for anyone who’s ever had to grow up.

Someone sending a photo of coffee stains on Page 103.

Umm. Do you even own the book if you haven’t spilled some sort of beverage on the pages?! But seriously, how wonderful that A Pygmy’s Life for Me is getting worn in and worn out on bus rides, couches, bedside tables, and bookshelves!

Telling her story.

A reader let me know how good it was to have her story told. To see her story in a book was very special to her. The conclusions she came to long ago are the same ones I recorded in A Pygmy’s Life for Me. But it’s not just her. I heard back that the girl who received this book for Christmas found herself laughing and crying and feeling as though she could 100% relate. These two readers are, once again, decades apart in age. But the experiences and emotions span the years and God’s freedom and joy intertwines all.

Today, I’m celebrating the true joy we have in God, the people that cried and laughed their way through this book, the girls who felt completely understood, the hearts reminded of their beautiful life from God, and the hope we have that God’s story in us is far from over. We’re making history, you and me. And isn’t it lovely?

Happy Birthday, A Pygmy’s Life for Me.

I love this small, big life in God.

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