The Celebrating Soul

You Are Not Your Pain

This week, I want to share one simple truth with you.

You are so much more.

Not in the self-help, blah-blah, yikkety-yak way, but you are more than your dreams, your expectations, your singleness, your marriage, your motherhood, your limitations, your pain, etc. . .

You are a child of God. Favored not forgotten. Upheld not forsaken. Full of purpose. The work of God’s hands. Called to the work of God. A bearer of His image. That’s who you are, and it’s not based on your merit at all. There is nothing that can swoop in to rob you of the truth.

The reality is your pain doesn’t have the power to become you, but your pain does have the potential to be the place you know God more and become more like Him.

Think of whatever struggle or difficult season you are facing in life right now. Be brutally honest. Hold nothing back. Name it. Say it aloud

And then insert your pain into this statement–

“This__is a place I stand, not a person I am.”

It’s heartbreaking here, right? Strenuous and dry. It feels like forever. But do you want the truth? You can stand here in this season and still be a fruitful, purposeful, life-spilling person.

How can this be so?

You are a child of God, and where you are placed is not who you get to become. This place which has no power to become you can actually help you rest in God, find all satisfaction in God, and become more like God. This place can move you closer, push you farther, and drive you deeper into God’s Word and the intimate knowledge of Who He is.

God’s will for you isn’t destruction, but His will for you is sanctification. At times, sanctification may feel like destruction, because you will experience uncomfortable growth in this hard season.

There will also be heartache as your expectations and self-made solutions fall away, but God is present with you in your pain, and His presence is proved every moment you are sustained in His hope and able to courageously endure this trial by His grace.

Surrendering to God may feel like death to you, but know that God is working life in all these fractured things. You don’t have the story where God fails, and victory dominates the script when you believe Him no matter how you feel.

With God’s love and power, you are so much more than the place you find yourself in today. Don’t sell yourself short by living as a place. You are not a place.

This__is not the end of the story or the measurement of your worth.

What now?

Live as God’s child. Live favored. Live loved. Live as the work of God’s hands. Live boldly here with arms open to receive whatever God gives you, shows you, and teaches you right here. Worship God with all you’ve got right now.

Be ready to change. Be ready for joy. You’ll be surprised and delighted right here in the crucible. That’s the power and presence of God!

Receive God’s way and His strength for the way. God will not fail you or misguide you. He will never misstep. And His grace is sufficient for every deep and painful thing you cannot understand earth-side. Partake in this grace! Go with God!

There will come a day when you will look around to see the place you stand has stayed very much the same, but your soul. . . your whole being is not the same. You are a new song. You are life remade by God. And this life-song sounds like springs of water flowing through a desert wasteland. . .rushing onward, onward to God.

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