More Than Watercolor Grace

The  beautiful thing is God’s grace meets us as we are and does not leave us as we are. God loves us far too much to let us stay as the women we once were. God’s grace isn’t just a pretty word. His grace runs far deeper than watercolor or a brush of butterfly wings. He is Mercy upon our poor reactions, Comfort within our recluse structures, and Refuge in our chaos. And a grace we never have to work for works in us. It is impossible to truly explain the depth, the complexity, and the wonder of God’s grace!

But as we rest under God’s unmerited favor, He begins to change us to become more like Him. For our good. For His glory. From His love.

If not for God, we would be forever frozen in our old ways…stuck in a sedentary life. But His grace is more. More than a pretty watercolor quote. More than a brush of butterfly wings. More than a pretty self-help book that makes us feel good. No, His grace reaches deep into our gritty seasons where we are buried and pulls us upward–to hope, to victory, to change. Here we are shedding layers of who we used to be while we rest favored and secure in God (Titus 2:11-15).

And while we remain in these gritty seasons, the grit does not and cannot remain in us. God is changing us while also lavishing us with His indescribable grace. We look to Him and are radiant. We seek Him and are made to be more like Him.

This is not a watercolor grace.

Or a watercolor life.

We are women loved by God. Called to the discomfort of changing to become more like Him, to push upward in these gritty seasons and live a life of abundance instead of defeat–a life of love instead of selfishness. A life held together by the Grace that holds us.

Yes, we will have “why” questions intermingled with great loss. We will have long nights of waiting mingled with mornings that rush in with joy. We will dance to the tune of laughter. We will experience growing pains deep within our souls. But we will always know a grace that runs deeper than watercolor.

We push above the surface–the gritty seasons in life–and press on with God and toward God. We are not frozen, sedentary, lifeless. We know that the good and kind promises of God are interwoven with the surety of our earthly pain and trials. We cry out. And we are heard. We lash out. And we are forgiven. We are cast down. And yet we are more than conquerors. We hope in God. And we are never ashamed. (I Peter 1: 6-8, Psalm 34:4-6)

God will not let us stay as the women we have been. His grace does not flit against us softly. It changes us. Through and through. We are favored and from this favor we are changed and from this change we know courage, joy, and a fullness of life! We shudder at the way we used to be, then grin at the change we’ve seen firsthand. We have become recipients to the transforming beauty of God’s love & grace.

We will be recipients to the beauty of God forever.

Don’t you see?

God desires more for us than a charmingly-passive watercolor life. He always desires more for us than we can ever imagine. But the more for us never starts or ends with us. The more for us always starts with God and never ends because of God.

And etched within all of our chaos and pain, our shedding and growing, our hiding and springing is God’s love to us and His precious thoughts for us (Psalm 139:17-18, Psalm 23). Our souls are bursting with His favor. Pulsing with His grace. Resting in His delight.

This is not a charmingly-passive watercolor life.

This is life with God.

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