Sweet Life • Spring 2018

Last Friday, I sat down to write more personable words for this blog’s Facebook page. I ended up with an embarrassing-who-cares account of mesmerizing clouds and my love for vacuums. I deleted it, and eventually decided on a better way to share just regular ole life with you guys.

Hence this post. 🙂

I know spring isn’t over, but I’ve been loving every minute of it (minus the allergies..they can go die somewhere cold and lonely). 

So here are some bits of life from this spring!

When I find little flower heads on my desk at work, I know that spring has arrived. Buttercups come in crowds and are a welcome site after the winter! I love when the kiddos pick me flowers or just leave them on my desk for the saving.

We also pick the flowers for mason jars or use them in “buttercup stews”. I like to call any of this spring work. We have accomplished much spring work already this season. It’ the best kind of all!

And let’s not forget the ice-cream shoppes and all other roads of imagination traveled during the week! Please notice and give a round of applause for the beautifully colored spring flowers taped on the daycare door. Very important.

Aside from allergies, there may be one other part of spring we didn’t love..and that was the moment our dog got bit by a rattlesnake! We were in the backyard and I was taking pictures of the beautiful flowers (which I tend to do about as much as I breathe 🙂 ), and the dog was off hunting and exploring not far from me…then BAM. I heard the rattles loud and clear. Poor guy.

When it looked like I might go over there to check it out, Franklin made it clear that I should not. I called Ben soon after the bite. By this time, Franklin was fading and not sure what to do with himself. He was sitting on my lap and shaking. I did not want our dog to die in my lap! Ben got home, saw the dog, found the snake, killed the snake, got in the car, and we were off to the closest vet with antivenom.

It took about 30-40 minutes from the snakebite to treatment, so it was the best case scenario…you know…if you’re going to have a rattlesnake involved in your scenario. Franklin responded amazingly well to all the treatment and they didn’t have to keep him overnight.

Post treatment, Day 1

Post treatment, Day 3

He healed so fast and we loved the people who treated him. March 30 will always live in infamy now!

Since then, spring has been much calmer and abundant in life and joy. The California Redwood bursts with life in pink blooms, and I’ve been filling our dining table vase with as many flowers as I possibly can. I have never enjoyed spring with such intention before and it has been so good for the soul!

I’ve enjoyed plenty of walks with Franklin, though now we have a healthy fear of rattlesnakes and are very careful! Also, when you try to take a selfie with a dog, sometimes he decides for himself what that best angle is gonna be and he goes for it! 🙂

I’ve enjoyed picking wildflowers in the afternoon, reading in the hammock, working on our garden plot, getting lots of sun, shaking my head at the dog who tramples over the beautiful flowers, and being far more intentional about living in the day I’ve been given.

It’s been a whole lot of healing for my heart which has been fighting hard for joy + rest in God. I’ve realized that I’ve done the fight without praising God and I’ve done it without being full of gratitude for all the life that the God of all Life has given me.

Ben and I have had many good conversations this spring. We have both realized that the day we are given, the one right in front of us, is the only one we’ve been asked to live. It’s so easy to get lost in absolutely everything, but we are learning that we’ve only got today.

And that’s freeing!

Suddenly everything happening in the day at hand is so much sweeter and so full of life. How can we not praise God?! It’s life-changing to live life without asking it to change to your whims and wishes. I think perhaps that living in whatever God has given is the key to happiness.

I have joy because I am child of God. I have joy because I know God, but I am happy because I’m living in what I’ve been given. I am happy because I’m praising God in all He has done. I am happy because the God of all life gave me this life and it is abundant with Him!

I’m coming to realize that God IS LIFE, and I can be confident that He desires life for me. I am going to experience a hundred different seasons here on earth…some painful, some exciting, some lovely, some sorrowful, some difficult, some full of laughter, some really not…but the last year has trained my heart to sing-

God desires good for me. God desires life for me. God has a purpose for me. And God is delighted to fulfill and finish it!

How can I be frustrated when God delights in all He is doing in me? How can I be afraid when I know that God will fulfill His purpose for me through all the different seasons of this earth-bound life?

So here’s to a hundred different seasons! I’m confidently running full speed ahead. How could I not? God knows what He’s doing and He loves me! And that makes me happy. Living just today. That’s all I have to live. And placing all confidence in God for everything I don’t know about…which is everything!

This is spring 2018.

3 thoughts on “Sweet Life • Spring 2018

  1. Oh my! Glad your dog is okay! He looks goofy and sweet. I haven’t had much time to browse WordPress, so I may have missed some updates, but it is so good to see you living life again! It makes a person cherish life more though when they experience, umm, darker times. So good to see this from you. I need to find a field full of buttercups near me. I’ll settle for daffodils for now 🙂

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