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Dreams for This Year

Last year around this time, I revealed my 2017 blog word of the year. Do you remember what it was? Probably not, folks. It literally got buried by the months & months of hard heart hope stuff. The word for the year 2017 was LAUGHTER, and it kind of makes me laugh just thinking about it! 😉

Last year was nothing like I thought it’d be at 22, but it was exactly all I needed. I am much nearer to God now, and I hope that everything I stumbled through at 22 are things I can run with at 23.

So this post is not about a word of the year, a one-word resolution, or reflections of last year. This post is about a heart that’s learning to truly LIVE again….dreams & all. I hope I can look back at January 6, 2019 and say, “AH, I lived rich. I lived better. I lived LIFE.”

Dream Jots for 23-

be incredibly closer to publishing my first book

or just be published. BOOM. 🙂 

have a garden (or at least plants)

pick raspberries from our transplanted bush & freeze blackberries at the end of summer (gotta carry a little summer into the fall!)

take more photos of our life

make funny instagram stories

have meaningful conversations with family & friends in our living room

go on countless walks

pray for heart desires with full belief

successfully make donuts

practice drawing fun illustrations

connect personally with loved ones (letters, packages, phone calls)

visit the local cemetery

make ribbon fairy wands with 3-4 year olds in my life 

always have flowers in the house during springtime

drink coffee at 12 am on vacation (i’ll only do it once, no judging 😉 ) 

sit in the fresh air and re-read a book I love

have a picnic

write less words about me 

rediscover a truth about God

blog from the overflow of life, not just heart reflections

As you can see, my dreams for 23 are primarily simple. I want to live this year less behind a screen and more within my life. I want to live this year less deep in my own thoughts and more in the simplicity of what’s around me. I plan to work hard toward publishing my book, but I also want to write much less about me. I want to write more words for you and more words for God. I want to live this year not just exist in it.

While this year won’t be perfect, and I’m sure to get lost in this old soul of mine, I want to soak up all the life in 23. I don’t regret last year. I needed it. It was the slow revolution of my heart. I needed to get lost, be broken, and get swallowed up. Because all of that forced me to really fall into the shadow of God’s wings. I learned what it means to grieve and hope, and soar! .

But this is 23.

Revolution is painful, but revival is sweet. So this year, I’m praying to fully live. I’m resolving to dive in head first. I’m on a mission to re-capture all those things I used to love, but lost in the shuffle.

I’m going to offer up this whole life to the One who makes me whole.

I have no word for the year, no huge blogging goal, no long list of mediocre things to change. I have no idea what this blog is going to look like in the next 12 months,  but I can tell you that I’m planning to live, really live, in this God given, given over life. And I can’t wait to see what that means.

Change is slow, and sometimes 365 days come and go before realize you’ve turned a corner. You are still on the same street, but you’re not stuck anymore. You notice the little green things growing through the cracks in the sidewalk and your heart beats out of your chest & into your life for the first time in long time.

This is 23.

Here’s to the little green things.

And all the joy of just being right here.



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