No Frowns at the Stompin' Grounds!

Hello there, folks! I’m about to make your day better, because we are going to the Stompin’ Grounds! You’ve tagged along for my morning, but now it’s time for all the other things. And today, it’s all about coffee things (side-note: Audrey, I apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures. It is certainly not up to snuff!).

Here’s a secret about camp life…..*there is no lasting comfort zone. You get thrown or throw yourself into a myriad of skills, some that you thrive in and others that you fail in. If there is one thing to know about me, it’s that I HATE unpredictability and I LOVE to stay in my neat little box while I do the same thing day in and day out….forever until I die. However, camp life demands me to leave my comfort zone all the time!

And it’s so good for me!

After many years of practice, I can successfully make a mean coffee beverage both at work and at home. And while I’ve mastered the coffee part of the job, I have not conquered the money side of things! I still don’t understand how to close out the register at the end of a shift (all who know me are free to roll their eyes and shake their heads). 

In fact, I’ve asked to re-learn how to do it before my next shift. Now, guys, this may sound crazy, but asking to learn new things is a big step for me, because I  am often tempted to write myself off and say, “Well, I’ve never really understood it before so I should just give up and stay bad at it.”  Yes…yes…you read that right. I think this way!

However, I’m learning to ask others to teach me new things while not being afraid of probable failure. Since working at camp, I have become braver. Does that sound dramatic or ridiculous? Maybe. But if I didn’t work here, I would be a stale old woman who refused to learn or try new things.

Even though I’ve worked in the Stompin’ Grounds for a long while, I am not exempt from mistakes! In fact, the selfie you will see in just a minute was taken the night I was crowned the royal Queen of Clumsy. I was dropping change, making a mess, failing in front of campers…etc & so forth. It was certainly not my night for smooth sailing success. Just trust me!

But years of numerous failures have taught me to laugh at myself while also getting others to laugh with me. While I blundered, I laughed…and while I laughed…I made others laugh too. And at the end of it all, people got their correct change and were served delicious coffee. Life at camp has taught me over & over again that—

failing isn’t the end of the world.

You laugh, you learn, you improve, and you move right on! For your information and entertainment, I used a coffee filter on this selfie because I’m just such a professional blogger. HA!

At Wolf Mountain, I am surrounded by people who are willing to try new things, and who are also ready to laugh about the common daily mistakes that are made (and no, we aren’t just laughing at my many mistakes). The camp ministry is certainly not a perfect or magical environment.

Where there are people, there will always be problems.

BUT in this ordinary place with ordinary people, God is being sought after and hearts of both campers & workers are being changed. While we grow in God, we grow in love both for Him and each other. There is forgiveness, mended friendships, and a greater understanding of what love really means.

And in the imperfect process of working with people, we are–without a doubt–having the best kind of fun! It’s possible to enjoy life even though it’s not perfect, and the camp ministry has whacked me upside the head plenty of times trying to help me realize this! So as we galavant about the coffee shop, let me tell you another simple reason why I LOVE working at Wolf Mountain. And that would be—

laughter comes so easily for everyone.

Whether we are blundering through new skills, botching up the old ones, working hard, accomplishing tasks successfully, or just plain enjoying daily life, I know that laughter will be had at least once, twice, or even TEN times each day. Who else can say that they can expect to smile & laugh when they go to work?

I suppose it goes to show that living for God (wherever you happen to be) is the best way to have a good time. I can laugh freely, because I am secure and confident in God’s love for me. Who knew that talking about coffee could get so deep? i-yi-yi!

I guess I better let you go, but if you ever happen to be in my neck of the woods (literally), expect some good coffee & no frowns at the Stompin’ Grounds! Because if you don’t come in smiling, you’ll walk out laughing because I will have probably dropped your change, spelled your name wrong, and spilled the milk!



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