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We Are Not So Different

I was reminded today by two women that life is gritty and ocean deep with cries from the heart. We are not so different, you see. We go about our day and fall on our knees to cry, then pray…

to struggle, then laugh.

to fear, then know Hope.

It’s easy to create an island to stand on, to fashion it just the way we want each other to see it. And all the while we sink ever lower, even faster into the black loneliness we meticulously create. We are not so different, you see. We keep trying to fit in and squeeze our tiny heart into the wide open space where it cannot survive alone. We are not content to be small, when it is smallness that will awaken our sleepy souls.

We are not so different, you see. We all struggle with shame. We all feel misplaced. And we all feel like the tears may not end, like our hearts are in a coma, while our world just goes on falling. It is life, you see, to feel all these things. And it is inescapable to feel them.

But you know what else we cannot escape? The unbreakable hope of God, His gift of un-daunting joy in a bruised life, the unending forgiveness of Christ, and the abounding grace of a Father who gives us the courage to keep on living, growing, and pursuing Him.

We are not so different, you see. So busy we are looking at ourselves, examining our pile of ruins, forgetting whole-heartedly the love and comfort of God…and even the companionship of other women struggling, falling, and rising again.

And the realization is that one tiny heart cannot fill up the wide open space alone. These spaces are for all our tiny hearts…to beat and breathe…to learn and grow…to cry and hope together. Islands fall away into beautiful oceans of God’s grace, and the smallness of our lives push us to the greatness of our God. So, these sleepy souls awake—once more!

We are not so different, you see…but we think we are.

And that is where we are wrong.

If only we lift our eyes away from our pile of ruins….we will see the ruins of others, and if we would just remind each other to look up…

Together, we will see the hope–and joy—that God gives us despite these messy hearts of island living.

So, these two women reminded me to hold out my hand to whomever needs to grasp it so that we may fall into an ocean of God’s grace where life begins again and hope is born anew.

 originally posted as a Facebook note HERE. 
I share my heart daily over there and am hoping to write more of these Notes in the days to come. You’re more than welcome to join us!

~Sierra Fedorko

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