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Why do good things happen? Have you ever considered that? Not why do bad things happen to good people…but why do good things happen at all?

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I have learned that God gives good things even in the valley.

I don’t deserve good things. There is no merit or holiness in me alone. I am a depraved, hollowed out being without my Savior.

So why should I, a human, expect good things from God? And yet good things fall to me everyday, because He loves me. These good gifts are not random or careless, they are individual and purposeful. I not only receive the things He has promised like new mercies every morning, but other small daily gifts that I don’t deserve.

How often do I consider the wonder that I can enjoy life in such a fallen, corrupted world? My steady flow of Joy comes from God. It permeates my life, giving me reasons to smile, bestowing lasting hope within me, and ensuring a steady confidence as I move forward.

I can take joy in living, despite this 2-dimensional life where I can’t physically see God and my real home comes when I die. What a God-given miracle to smile through life on this dark, fallen earth

My body of dust and my soul eternal can walk through life and enjoy it because of my good God–a God who gives good things.

Do I deserve good things? Do I deserve to smile deep in the roots of my heart? NO! And yet….I do.

But even after all this, I sometimes shake my fist at God and shamelessly say, “Give me more good things! Give me more comfort! More money. More this, more that!”

My attitude and thoughts scream my discontent. My discontent swells within me the question–why do bad things happen? And I obsess and fixate on the hard things, forgetting the good things which fall at my feet every day.

I live in silent rebellion. The good things are all around me. The Hope is mine. The Joy is present and yet the little corner of me becomes all of me, and I say “WHY, GOD?! Why this? It’s too hard. It’s too much.” Meanwhile, the good gifts continue to be good gifts, and I continue to refuse to see them as such.

But today, I fall broken and I find the good things lying in heaps about me. I know I have chosen blindness for too long as I see the wealth. All these good things are because of a good God. My ability to enjoy life comes not from me, but from God–my Joy Giver. And the hard things become what bring me closer to Life–which is Christ.

And so I ask you…..why is it that good things happen to you? How is it that you can enjoy life in such a corrupted world?

Today, I urge you to forsake this willing blindness and see the good things.


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