Life Update! | 05.16

To be honest, I did not feel like writing a life update post this week, because SO much has happened in such a short amount of time! I’ve scarcely been able to gather my own thoughts, let alone organize them. However, I know that once I can write them out, I will be able to move forward with more ease!

The beginning of this month began the transition period from our home in Chico to our home in Grass Valley. We were packing, cleaning, organizing, and sorting. It was a weird time. We had a home, but it didn’t feel like our home. Cardboard boxes do strange things to a house!

Here are a few photos from our last weeks in Chico.

13087357_1152310151466006_768556980160838098_nfulllifeFamilyPicture2016And then, it was GO TIME….like actual go time.  Packing and moving is tiring, so it looked like this!

MOVING DAYCOFFEEAfter we spent a couple of days settling into our new home (photos to come later…much later!), we traveled down to Southern CA to watch my little brother graduate high school!

During this trip, we had a girl’s outing, which included Dunkin Donuts iced coffee! We went shopping, ate at Pieology, and found Hannah’s wedding dress for August 12th. It was wonderful to be all together to experience that! And no, I will not share a photo of her wedding dress. 🙂

13260226_636299516534128_4306598539331616135_nfamily2016The spring wind also came around again to let us know that our first wedding anniversary was just around the corner. These were taken on May 17th. It’s a joy to be married to my best friend!

WINDYAGAINALMOSTAYEAROf course, our trip to the desert only lasted so long until we were “back on the trail again.” We stopped at Dunkin Donuts for coffee & doughnut fuel (OK, we also needed gas for the truck), and then began the long drive back to our new home at Wolf Mountain.

After arriving, we had a day to recover before starting our first day of work which also happened to be our first wedding anniversary. To be completely blunt with you, our anniversary was long, busy, exhausting with barely enough time to consider the fact that we had been married a year!

We did manage to sneak in a few quiet moments together. There is a reason we celebrated in April instead of on the real day…May 23rd! 🙂 It’s strange to say that we have been married over a year, but it’s also lovely to have been given such a gift!02-FedorkoWedding-Portraits-34205-FedorkoWedding-Ceremony-18502-FedorkoWedding-Portraits-32802-FedorkoWedding-Portraits-268I won’t pretend that our first week living at Wolf Mountain was an easy one. If it was easy, I’d be a bit concerned! There is so much readjusting to do and change to experience before you can truly settle into somewhere new. I felt as though I could barely breathe last week, and am now finally able to catch long and cleansing breaths! I am so thankful to be back at work, and living here. It is wonderful to be taking care of children again.

firstdaysofworkSo, here we are. May is already over and June is upon us! My earnest prayer for the month of June is that God will make me to be what He wants me to be. I cannot come into this ministry at Wolf Mountain with the mindset that they need me with all my talents and gifts. I must come broken, knowing that God will help me become all that is asked of me. He will help me love and give me strength when the days run me dry.

May1I look forward to sitting in this front row seat before God’s power and love, but I am not foolish enough to believe that I, myself, will not be changed and transformed by the love and power of my mighty God and sovereign Savior.

I stand here in the beginning of June, knowing that I must fall broken over and over again so that God may use me in this ministry for His glory. What a joy to be here! What an honest, freeing, thrilling joy.


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