May Reflections & Moving Home

There is something about the month of May that feels fresh, new, and exciting. January always feels like a ton of bricks, but May? It comes floating in with flowers and celebrations. It welcomes new beginnings and ushers out the life-changing goodbyes. It’s a whirlwind of change, a few weeks of complete excitement.


There are long-awaited graduations.

There are all the mothers in the world to celebrate.

There are so many weddings.

It’s the month for new beginnings. You rarely have time to stop and reflect, but here I am trying to do just that.

Tomorrow, we move to Wolf Mountain.

Tomorrow, we move home.

This has been a week of packing, organizing, cleaning, and in a subtle way, a time of saying goodbye to our first place. I cannot get so caught up in the rush that I miss these last days of enjoying not only the memories made here, but the history we’ve already stored away.


I could not have asked for a better way to spend our first year of marriage. It was a time of self-discovery. A time of quiet. A time to reflect on the last several seasons and a time to look forward to all that lies ahead. It was, in every sense of the word, our home.


The process of saying goodbye isn’t labored or difficult. Just as the seasons change gradually, the goodbye just happens a little every day. I feel as though I’ve been letting go since February, enjoying the remaining days here, but looking forward to the days ahead. You can only say a sad goodbye for so long, until the excitement runs to your heart, claiming your attention, pushing out the sadness.


I’ve said all my goodbyes. And now, it is time to say HELLO.

Hello to our new home.
Hello to our second year of marriage.
Hello to our new life.
Hello to the coming seasons, the life changes, the unknowns.

Today, we excitedly say hello and remember that our goodbye is just where it should be–in the past with our precious memories and the history we have already made together.

Hello to you–our new beginnings.

We are headed your way to tomorrow morning. And tomorrow, we will finally be home.



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