Life Update & Blog Changes


What a month it has been! Honestly, it feels like we lived the month in fast forward. Can May already be here?

It was a full month, but all of it seems rather fuzzy. I’ll try to remember the good stuff. 🙂 On April 1st, Ben surprised me with Chinese food and we took a short trip down to the creek in the evening. It was so much fun. I love surprises and I love not having to fuss over dinner!

happiest April Fools Day ever! My husband knows how to love me well.

The first couple weeks of April felt normal and routine. We looked forward to our Wolf Mountain move, I did some more packing, we enjoyed the creek, and just spent time together.

family photo, sopping wet dog, crazy hands trying to keep the dog still!

And then we went to Santa Cruz with the family and stayed at a KOA. Have you been to one of those? It is NOT camping, but it is so nice. 🙂 Spending time with family was the best choice. You don’t regret time with family. It can be exhausting and full and crazy, but it’s time well-spent.

marry a man who will play on the playground with you! This was so much fun!
cold, cold, cold, beautiful, cold Sunset Beach. How lovely is the ocean, though?!
3 of my nieces! Who knew that being an Aunt could be so much fun?

We have been slowly moving our stuff from here to Wolf Mountain, so we fit more of that into April and were able to visit my Dad (who happened to be there around the same time!).

See how prepared I am for this photo! NOT. My Dad & husband look great, though!

With my in-laws packing up to move, Ben and I packing up to move, and family visiting–it has been busy around here! It wasn’t until writing through this post that I’ve realized just how much we actually fit into April! The end of the month was fairly low-key for me. I did some more packing, did housework, accomplished more writing, and spent quality time with family.

Ben’s sister & her husband. Love when we are able to see them!

Ben and I also did an early anniversary celebration, which was quite fun! I write more about that HERE. We stayed overnight at our new house and spent quality, uninterrupted, unplugged time together. But you can read more about it by clicking this link.

Our new house is almost finished! I just LOVE the porch!!! Can’t wait to live there!!

And so that brings us to the last week of April which was spent packing some more, writing some more, thinking through blog changes, living regular life, and waiting patiently & impatiently for our next life adventure. April has been a great month, but I’m glad to see May come along. With the month of May comes subtle, but exciting changes to my blog.

*blog changes*

Since we are moving to Wolf Mountain soon (May 13th!), I know that making changes to my blog is necessary. As Ben and I transition to a new stage of life, I really want to channel my energy and attention into learning, adjusting, settling and living at Wolf Mountain.

Seasons come and go and this full, busy writing season is almost over. I’m not going to stop writing for my blog, but the writing will happen much less—once a week is what I’m hoping for. I can’t decide if I should post on Monday or Thursday. What do you think?

I hope to keep our community on Facebook fairly active, and that is where I’ll be documenting this next Adventure with photos. So, if you’re wanting more of that, join our community. It will be fun! 🙂

These monthly updates will continue to be shared on this blog and will include information about the ministry, how God is working, as well as our prayer requests + praises as we embark on this new journey as missionaries in bright, sunny CA! I am excited to include you in this journey, because I know that God will show Himself mighty and it is always wondrous to see that.

this is our backyard. I am not kidding. How beautiful is this?!?!

It’s going to be an adventure and I am so excited to begin, to share, and to live within all that God has purposed for us. May He be glorified as we live today and all the coming tomorrows!


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