Life Update | 03. 16

My heart laughs when I think of how I thought this month was going to go! NOPE. NOPE. NOPE! I was hoping for another quiet month that I could prepare for next steps. It was everything, but quiet. Although, in the best way.

I told my Facebook community that I am glad God orchestrates my life, otherwise it’d be one long, boring routine that never changed. 🙂 Family from Idaho came to visit and are still around! Talk about good fortune! It’s been fun talking, catching up, playing, and spending quality time together.


I am learning that being an Auntie is a blast! Just call me Auntie Sierra. 🙂


Hiking for the first time since my body has been doing all the healing! It was stretching experience for me. I needed it!


The family time really has been so good. Aside from catching up, we’ve consumed lots of coffee, eaten numerous meals together, sat around the campfire, watched some Anne of Green Gables, taken hikes, relaxed, talked about Lego Friends, and celebrated birthday parties. 🙂

My nieces wanted to see my wedding dress and look at wedding photos, so we did that together! Once you get past all the Pinterest perfect wedding hubbub and dig deep through the ridiculous standards placed on a wedding day, you find all the little girls dreaming—-not of the dress or the day, really….but of the man.


I sat there beside them with my box full of memories while my husband took photos. And somehow, the moment added even more wonder to the wedding day, because not everything can be captured in 24 hours, and certainly not all the best parts!


I also spent time this month working on a writing project that I look forward to sharing with you soon. I was sick with the flever for a week toward the end of March. What kind of sickness is that, you may ask? Well, it’s the flu + fever combined. My husband came up with the term! Then, I submitted our little Franklin in a Dutch Bros contest.


And he lost! But we assured him that we still loved him anyway, and that he was still cute to us. 🙂 heeheee.

I finally wrote down the details of our move in May. I’m so glad I have it recorded, because I know I’ll read through it in the years to come and still be amazed at God! It is wonderful to have so many friends & family supporting us in our new, upcoming adventure.

Ben and I have had another good, growing month together. We are creating a lot memories together. Just last night, we swung by Dutch Bros and got 2 large Kickers with an extra shot of espresso and it was almost 9pm! Young and dumb? Maybe. But we are enjoying ourselves. 🙂

This last weekend, we were able to visit our future house, and we can’t wait to make it a home!


Can you tell by our smiles that we are so excited?! YAY for another home project!


Side note, our dog enjoys being held like a baby. He also seems to be preferring Ben over me lately. The other day, he ran straight through my legs to get to Ben! I’m feeling just a little left out!


But at least he’s cute while he prefers Ben’s company over mine. 😉


Then of course, we celebrated Christ’s resurrection! Oh, beautiful, beautiful, liberating truth!! MY SAVIOR LIVES! We had a good time hanging out with family, and I was still able to fit in a Sunday afternoon nap.

Here is a family photo at its best! This is what I married into! And it’s not even the whole bunch of them. 🙂


So, as you can see, the month of March was anything but quiet! I’ve had such a good time with family. I have also grown to be even more flexible when plans change. Every new month brings a new lesson or an old one to be learned over again. 🙂

April is going to be full of packing as we begin our new adventure! And I’m not quite sure what else is stored in this month. But I do know that our adventure is about to start!


So, here we go!


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