Let Girls Dream

their fullness for life poured these words over me~



Let them dream, those little girls. Don’t throw your unmet expectations like rocks at their feet. Let them dream, those little girls. Don’t mock and scoff and say just you wait.

Let them have that thirst for life. Nurture hope and girlhood wondering. Listen without the tangled mass of reality wrapped around your ears. Let them have young, excited hearts. Hold their secrets tenderly and let that fresh perspective wash over you.

Let girls dream.

Please, let them dream.

But as they dream, so you must live.

And then one day, they’ll stop talking just long enough to listen.They will hang onto every word and pull each to their young hearts, making a definition that will carry them to adulthood.

Tell them about your life, your memories—

the hopes met, the wonder, the love, the first year, the success, the fulfilled dreams. 

But don’t forget to mention—

the disappointments, the lessons, the discouragement, the failures, the unfulfilled dreams.

And tell them that even though it’s different and harder and more confusing—it’s worth it. Tell them that even with the tangles and the scars— the living of your life is beautiful. And the journey, though wounding, is breathtaking.

Tell them that dreams do come true.

Not all of them, but some of them.

And the rest of the unmet dreams? The hard things? The heartbreak?  Those are the things that make the fulfilled dreams so much sweeter. Those are the things that make holding onto life beautiful.

Let girls dream. Don’t crush them. Don’t belittle them. Don’t silently yell of your own shredded hopes.

While it is hard, life is beautiful. While it is broken, there is wonder. While it feels small, there is magnitude. Tell them about the breadth, and width, and depth of life.

While their are many holes and abrupt turns, choosing to live outside of your own disappointments and broken dreams helps you remember just how exceptionally full your life is. Even in the worst of it, you are living life.

And then, the worst of it passes and you have the best of it all over again.

So, don’t throw broken expectations like rocks at their feet. Hold the rocks and tell them that it’s worth it. Even when it’s hard, it’s worth it. And line those rocks around the dreams—the dreams that have come true. They need to see it all, but they don’t need to see it thrown in their face.

Let girls dream. And listen.

Let girls dream. And show them.


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