Life Update | 02.16

February has been fantastic. We slid into a groove, as you often do after the month of January passes by. The sun has also been out much more lately, which makes this California girl very, very happy. I didn’t know how much I liked the sun, until it poured rain for days and days. SUN COME BACK! And it did. 🙂


We finally told our all our family & friends about our upcoming (MAY!) move to Wolf Mountain Christian camp. It’s much too hard & long to explain in a blog post what this place is all about. So just click HERE  and you’ll be able to read all about it!

Near the beginning of the month, we also took our dogs to the creek on a Sunday afternoon. The weather was too nice to pass up, and we knew the dogs would have a blast. Franklin loves water, but has never been in water deep enough that he can’t touch the bottom. You could tell the moment he realized he couldn’t touch the bottom, but like a smart dog, he figured out how to doggy paddle & did really well. He loves the water. Absolutely loves it.


And look at Toby’s form! He is flying! Although, we’ve noticed that he is not a very good swimmer. He doesn’t like the water as much as Franklin. I’m pretty sure it scares him a little bit when he can’t touch the bottom!


It’s pretty safe to say that Franklin found his happy place! I mean, look at him go!


With all the sunshine, I’ve enjoyed reading my books outside. I’m currently reading Simply Tuesday by Emily Freeman, which I highly recommend!  I’m also more than halfway through the book Loving God with All Your Mind by Elizabeth George. I usually read one chapter of each book during the afternoon. Ben also put the hammock up for me. That’s how nice the weather is, folks!

This month has also been the first time in ages that I’ve been able to write because of inspiration.I was in the midst of February’s #29LessonsMarriageHasTaughtMe which forced me to think hard on all the things I’ve learned since getting married last May! And while I was moving through this short Facebook series, I was also doing a lot of other thinking.  I posted Part 1 of the 29 lessons on this blog last week. Just click HERE (also, Part 2 is coming soon).

This is the work of church family and friends!

During February, I was able to identify the kind of writing I want to continue to pursue on this blog. This was incredibly freeing, as it seems I’ve floundered and wandered around for a bit.

It felt so good to have my fingers fly without forcing them to go.(See You Are the Lonely Woman &  S K I N N Y to read the posts that I was able to write through with freedom and feeling).

I’ve done a lot of normal things around the house as well. I’ve cooked meals, learned a new one, cleaned house, ground a lot of coffee, played with the dogs, and built up excitement for our move in May.


Valentine’s Day rolled around and I was really looking forward to it. Not just because it was our first holiday spent as a married couple, but because I just enjoy an excuse to have a holiday.  I also love all the hoopla that goes into social media and stores during this holiday!

Ben and I talked about how we wanted to spend the weekend, and because we are not big adventurers, we decided to do a bunch of our favorite things all in one weekend!

And by the following photo, you can tell what our favorite things are! The library isn’t pictured here or the movies + shows we watched in our home. That’s how we party!


He did surprise me with roses when we were on one of our outings. I didn’t expect it. Not because he isn’t romantic, just because I really didn’t expect it! So BAM, he told me that our last stop would be getting me roses. So we picked them out together and that was fun. He even took pictures of them. 🙂


After our amazing Valentine’s weekend, things slowed down a bit. Ben finished up some of his work projects, and started really looking after all the grass, bushes, and growing things around our home! He reupholstered our porch chairs, which makes my daily reading much more comfortable!


Ben and I also filed our taxes. That wasn’t the most fun, but we got to do it together. I wouldn’t want to be a kid again, no matter how frustrating parts of growing up can be. I’ve decided that grown-ups take a lot for granted, and I never want to sit around dreading what’s in front of me and all around me. I’m learning!

This month has been an especially quiet time of growing. I have learned to take the stillness to rest, develop, and move forward. It has been one of the more relaxing months I have had in awhile. Without the holiday rush, future decision making, and January blues, I have been able to step back this month and truly grow. A time of learning, of sitting still, and enjoying all that’s around me before we move in May.


February has been like taking a huge, deep breath. And one that I desperately needed! And now,  here we are in March! I am not sure what to expect, but I look forward to yet another month of all this and whatever else is coming my way.

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