EDITION 7: The History of Sir White Beard

As the investigators follow behind the Gang and Sir White Beard, they sit in the conference room of the aircraft. Last night proved to be very long with research of Sir White Beard. And these are the conclusions that The Sierra Price Times investigators have reached.


Many years ago, long before any members of the Gang were present, Lady Grey and Sir White Beard took their residence in the stuffy house on the mountain. They were played with and pulled and slobbered on. Like the Gang, Sir White Beard could not handle it any more.


With a tantalizing thirst for Adventure, he wanted so badly to escape and explore. But he loved Lady Grey too, and he didn’t know if he could have both. So one day–upon gathering courage–he brought up the subject with Lady Grey.


“Would you consider going with me to find Adventure? We could get married and explore the forests and the world beyond this stuffy house!” But Lady Grey hesitated. She didn’t want to leave. She liked the stuffy house. She liked the routine. She liked what she already knew. And while she loved Sir White Beard, she couldn’t give up her past to go with them. She spoke her thoughts softly as Sir White Beard was snatched up again to be slobbered on and played with.


At first, Sir White Beard was heart-broken and confused. Why wouldn’t she want to come with me? We love each other. Surely we can give up a little to be together. However ,Sir White Beard was no pouter, and he quickly formulated another plan.

“Lady Grey, I will go exploring…but I will come back for you. I give you my word. But first I must explore. I must see what’s out there. I have to. Do you understand?” He said these things gently, but with determination.

“Of course I understand! And of course you can go, just please come back. I’ll be waiting for you.”


And so Sir White Beard took off in his pink plane in pursuit of what he could never find in the stuffy house—Adventure.

However, Sir White Beard never returned. Lady Grey never married. And the reasons are unknown for why Sir White Beard, upon his gallant promise, would not return to the woman he loved so much. The investigators are still perplexed on this point, because Lady Grey could not give them new information in an interview and it would be too painful for her to discuss anyway.

Her last words to the investigators were this:

In life, you always give up something. There is no getting around it. Be sure to give up the right thing.


We cannot be sure who she is speaking of, but our researches believe she is specifically talking about herself, Sir White Beard, and perhaps even the Gang.

As the investigators watch Sir White Beard’s plane land, they follow closely behind. At first they wonder if Sir White Beard has explained his history with Lady Grey to the Gang. But upon closer look, the investigators notice tears in the eyes of each girl and know with certainty that Sir White Beard has confessed all.


But it will be some time before we know the full story. The investigators watch as Sir White Beard looks to the porch and sees Lady Grey in the distance. Tears stream down his face.

And for now that is all we can report. Next Monday, we will have the final Edition and will resolve the questions and problems facing us now.


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