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EDITION 6: Sir White Beard’s Plan

Several nights have passed since the Grant volunteered in Lynn’s place. What a gentleman he is and how curious that a gentleman can be tough as nails when called to be. That’s the mark of a gentlemen, the ability to discern when to be tough and when to be gentle.

As the Gang (except for Grant, of course) are conversing behind the rocks for an escape plan, Sir White Beard has struck up a conversation with Grant. “Hello, lad. What brings you to these parts?” Grant replies without hesitation, “Adventure.” The investigators observe an undeniable glint pass through Sir White Beard’s eyes before it disappears completely.


Grant looks away, unsure of how to respond to Sir White Beard’s silence. “Look, lad,” begins Sir White Beard. “We can escape through that hole there, but I need your help. I’m old yet and need assistance.” Grant is a gentlemen, of course he will help! “We can return for the others as soon as we get the appropriate back-up”, the investigators overhear Sir White Beard say.

Meanwhile, Lynn, Deanna, Lilly, and Mr. Peacock notice the movement at the far end of the crated prison. Mr. Peacock exclaims, “Ladies, oh please, look in the distance! Movement, I cannot be mistaken!” No words are exchanged as the girls and Mr. Peacock waddle as fast as they are able to the edge of the crated prison without being seen by Pirate Girl.


As they arrive, Sir White Beard and Grant finish squeezing out. Lynn hugs Grant tightly, profusely exclaiming her thanks. Lilly stands perplexed, looking from Sir White Beard to Pirate Girl, to her dear friends. “How on earth were they going to escape?”,she mutters softly.


Sir White Beard hears Lilly’s statement, seeming to acknowledge and appreciate the way she looks ahead. But before Sir White Beard replies, he sees Mr. Peacock! Dear Mr. Peacock! “How I have missed you, Mr. Peacock!” Mr. Peacock hugs Sir White Beard tightly, exclaiming much the same thing. The Gang looks on amazed at this new development. “You remember, right Mr. Peacock?” Mr. Peacock nods his head furiously and then takes off, leading the way to somewhere the Gang and the investigators have no clue about.


And here, The Sierra Price Times notes that the courage given by an old friend cannot be under-estimated. If Sir White Beard wasn’t here, Mr. Peacock would have never raced on ahead, taking the lead!

Take care of your old friends. Even though, you do not notice it, they often give you the courage you do not have on your own.

The Gang follows Mr. Peacock silently, and then sees the pink plane hidden beneath shrubbery and grass. Deanna’s mouth drops open. Lynn exclaims, “WOW.” And Lynn looks on in amazement, finally satisfied with the answer of how they were going to escape.


“Lady Grey would love to see this,” says Grant slowly, in awe. At this mention, Sir White Beard goes absolutely still. And then he chokes out, “You know Lady Grey?” “Why of course, she is our most supportive & valued friend”, answers Lynn.

Ed62No more is said on the subject, but the undercover investigators notice the abrupt change in Sir White Beard. And then he says, “QUICK, get in! I must return! I need to see her.” The Gang is not entirely against going back to Lady Grey, but asks if they can go on more Adventure after the fact. “Of course”, is Sir White Beard’s quiet reply, but tears are glistening in his eyes.


And so they take off. The Gang taking in every part of this new Adventure. Mr. Peacock excited to be reunited with his friend, and Sir White Beard intent on seeing Lady Grey again. And that is where our investigators had to end their covert operation as they are now regrouping to receive the proper air travel to follow the Gang. It will be a few days



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