EDITION 4: The Gang Rescues a Peacock

The morning after the Gang found shelter, they continued their travels. With plastic bodies, they have to work twice as hard as a “regular” human.

Statistics state that although little People have the potential to live longer, they don’t usually live as well. Many limitations are set upon them and as our investigators have found, the statistics can be breached! Today, we find them walking through what they call a “desert land.”


The weary travelers are much slower today as they are worn from walking for a couple weeks now. D tries to keep the spirits up and Lynn does her share of cheering and talking to keep the Gang from falling behind. Lilly is her normal quiet self and is very concentrated. She is most often aware of the imminent dangers and keeps her watch constant. Grant seems to be thinking seriously about their situation and evaluating the best possible way to go about their Adventure. Our investigators find them walking along the edge of a ditch.


Lynn avoids looking down, though Deanna enjoys the drop. Grant leads so as to protect the girls. Our investigators lag behind, watching carefully, waiting to see if anything may go wrong. Around 9:15 am, the Gang noticed an animal who had fallen in the ditch.

Deanna goes as close to the edge as she can. Grant yells, “Be careful!” Lilly is quietly forming the plan to help this poor animal. And according to our investigators, Lynn begins the conversation with the animal. “Hello, little guy. We are here to help. Why are you so sad? We can bring you out of the ditch. Just tell us your name.”


Silence erupts and the Gang stands patiently waiting for the animal to speak up. The animal says, “My name is Mr. Peacock. I fell in this ditch yesterday and am too worn to get out nor do I believe that I can rescue myself from this disaster.” The Gang mutters among themselves that they have never heard such fancy language. Lilly tells Mr. Peacock, “Just you wait! I have an idea. We will get you out!”

It is recorded that the brilliance of the plan ASTOUNDS the undercover agents. Reportedly, each of the investigators stared with mouths dropped open at the amazing plan these 4 little People formulated.

Grant finds a large stick to the right of them. Now, the Gang is no longer afraid of this obstacle. They have met and conquered the large stick before. With all their might, the Gang lifts the stick and balances the weight on their heads. They walk slowly, but purposefully to help Mr. Peacock.


When they reach Mr. Peacock, they explain to him their simple plan. Mr. Peacocks listens, but is apprehensive. Though he is seemingly learned in many areas, he lacks the sense of adventure these 4 little People posses.


Lynn persuades him with strategically placed words. “Come now, Mr. Peacock. Where is your sense of Adventure? This may be your single chance to be rescued from a ditch. We are here to help you and be your friend. Come learn about Adventure with us.” The Gang is impressed with Lynn’s words. They approve with raised eyebrows and sure smiles. Mr. Peacock begins to climb the stick.


Once Mr. Peacock is out of the ditch, he thanks the Gang profusely. “Thank you ever so kindly, my four new friends. You rescued me from a fate worse than death. At least, it seemed worse than death! I was incredibly lonely, you see. You not only rescued me from the ditch, but from my loneliness. Thank you ever so much.”


The Gang surrounds Mr. Peacock as they assure him of their friendship. They let him know that it is alright now. They say that he can come along on the Adventure. Mr. Peacock remains afraid, but trusts his new friends. Lilly offers her hand, because she is compassionate and understanding. “It’s alright to be scared,” Lilly says.


Then Grant in all his growing manliness exclaims, “You have friends now who will protect you. You have people who will care about you.” Deanna finishes his statement by saying, “We may be little, but we are learning to have big hearts. We are so glad you are here, Mr. Peacock.” Lynn nods her head and gives Mr. Peacock a quick hug.

Then as though the Gang knew Mr. Peacock all their lives, they began their journey of Adventure once again. Our investigators assure Lady Grey that all is well. The obstacles seem to be scaled confidently and surely. The four seem to be growing stronger day by day as they make further progress.


Lady Grey issued a statement to the press just yesterday It reads as following:

“Although, my favorite little People have left all that they have known, they are seeking Adventure. They are learning greater things than I could teach them alone. I am happy for their escape, though sad for missing them. I hope they realize that friends come unexpectedly.

It is our responsibility to love new people no matter what. It is our privilege to help them even as the journey may be scary.

I am proud of my favorite four, and I look forward to seeing them again.”

Our investigators are happy to report that all is well with the Gang. Although, as they travel farther into the great unknown, harsher dangers will greet them.  The Sierra Price Times invites you all to read this newspaper on Thursday to hear of their further travels. Our investigators seem nervous of what lies ahead for the Gang.


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