EDITION 3: The Gang Finds Shelter

The Sierra Price Times apologizes in advance for the blurry quality of the following photos.

It isn’t easy being little People in the vast unknown. Nighttime proves to be the hardest for the weary travelers. As a result, the investigators took low quality pictures, but Lady Grey insists on knowing their whereabouts even if the the pictures come through blurry. The Gang was spotted traveling away from the Gate at 8:45 pm.


Lynn leads the way as the other three lag behind. Of all four, she seems to have the most energy. Our investigators inform us of their conversation. Grant says, “Sometimes, I wish we had never left the the stuffy house.” And Deanna replies, “I think we have all thought that, but it’s probably just because we are tired.”

Lynn suggests that they rest for the night and Lilly agrees. Forgetting his previous desire to return to the stuffy house, Grant sees a stick that leads to a something. Clearly, the Gang is confused about what this something is. Our investigators are still looking into the possibilities of what this something could be.

Grant looks down at the 3 girls and yells for them to come up. Though none of them were apprehensive, he throws cheers their direction. Because that’s what a good team does.


Deanna takes the lead. Climbing the stick as though she has 2 legs instead of one plastic one. Proving once again, that limitations aren’t everything and little People CAN do extraordinary things.


Lilly follows closely behind. Quiet, but excited to be on such an Adventure. Her face shows more emotion now than it ever has before. She is thrilled for this chance to be with her friends, scaling this obstacle. The investigators hear her say, “I’ve never had so much fun in my life. I hope that I can tell Lady Grey about this soon. What’s it look like up there D and Grant? Tell me! TELL ME!”

And then, Lynn barely waits for Lilly to finish before she is climbing as fast as she can. She is just thrilled and full of curiosity, because what is this something?


Our investigators hear her mutter thousands of questions in the space of seconds. “How does it work and does it talk? It’s not plastic, so is it metal? What is this used for? Is it a threat? Are we safe? This is so cool, what is this?” Our undercover agents still remain confused as to what this something is. As stated before, further investigation is required.

After all four little People reach the top, they stand together and collectively take a deep breath. A very deep breath. They are safe from the snakes. Safe from big people feet. Safe from any part of the world that could easily squash them.


Naturally, Lynn goes to the very top. Grant stands in front, because he has to “protect the girls.” It is his constant phrase, according to our undercover agents. They agree that this contraption is completely harmless And then in sadness, Deanna says, “Look just over there. Just look. Look.”

From the Gang’s vantage point, they can see the stuffy house on a mountain. That stuffy house that they just couldn’t stand before. That stuffy house that they were slobbered on and smashed in. That stuffy house where all their friends had lived. That stuffy house that Lady Grey lived in. That stuffy house that just didn’t seem very stuffy anymore. The investigators grow quiet as the emotions flicker back and forth from each little person.


Even so, there is resolve. Even so, they are happy to be on this adventure. Deanna says, “One step at a time, guys.” Lynn says, “We even found shelter tonight, look what we did as a team.” Lilly says, “I can’t wait for tomorrow and all the moments that it will bring.” Grant says, “I will protect you. All of you. I will protect you.”

Our investigators are happy to report the health and unity of the Gang. Lady Grey remains silent, though she is seen standing at the window, just watching and waiting. The statistics are being breached and defeated every day.

Even little People can have Adventure. Even little People can be smart. Even little People can be leaders. And little People can go far even with just one plastic leg. Limitations aren’t everything.


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