EDITION 1: Granny Investigates

Unbeknownst to many Little People out there, it has been reported that four of Granny’s (favorite) friends have escaped into the great unknown. While many people have been reported to have left the seemingly stuffy house on a mountain, there are four that are specifically being sought after. As of now, it is uncertain why Granny has only specifically reported these four or why she is so adamant about these certain little People returning. The investigators are close to discovering their whereabouts. Pictured below is the Adventurers a week before they escaped.


Granny has asked the investigators to keep a close eye on the four little People. This newspaper has been enlisted to follow and report their adventures. For your better understanding we have found pictures and compiled a list of characteristics to help the town understand the situation more completely.

The oldest of the four is referred to as Deanna, or just D for short. She is said to be the leader of the Gang. With her expressions and love of adventure and learning, she is sure to lead the Gang in places that not many little People have gone.


The second oldest of the Gang goes by Lynn. She is outgoing, personable, high spirited, and if unattended…she is sure to be the one doing something wild. She is very supportive of D and seems to be Deanna’s close adviser. With her creativity and crazy ideas, the Gang is sure to do things that not many people will do in their lifetime.


The third oldest goes by the name of Lilly. Though she is quiet, she is cunning. Lilly is very smart and very thoughtful. She thinks ahead and if she wants to, she can be very sneaky. With her help, the Gang will be sure to get out of tough and pressing situations. The Gang is sure to be better suited with her involvement.


Lastly, there is Grant and though he is the youngest, he is the most determined. He is known to always keep trying. Grant rarely gives up. With his help, the Gang will persevere through the harsh and difficult adventures.


It is reported that they are not very far from the stuffy house on a mountain. With one legged bodies, it is surely hard to navigate the great unknown.

Granny still insists that they have given up something in their departure. It has not been revealed whether or not the given up is good or bad. Keep on the lookout for these specific little People. They may be in your area. They may be close.

In fact, these little People may remind you of yourself. If so, report immediately to The Sierra Price Times, because this information may help us follow more closely the adventure that has come about.

Important Information: Granny is commonly known has just Granny among the little People in the stuffy house on a mountain. However, her true name is Lady Grey. For the rest of the editions, she will be referred to as Lady Grey.

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