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Before the New Year Comes…

toppostsI’m spending the new year in comfortable clothes, in the house I grew up at, with not a party in sight. And I’m happy about it! ((Does that mean I’m an old adult!)).

So because, I’m no party animal, and there may be a some of you out there who need something to do tonight–I’m sharing some of the top viewed posts that I shared with you this year. I haven’t inclouded the Real Women series in the top 5 posts, but seriously, so many of these stories made the top! Check out this series while it’s still here.

And since a few more of you have joined the Down Cottonwood Lane journey, some of these posts may be new to you! So, thanks for being here. 🙂

Before we get started, I just want to say that—

In this large world of blogging and my similarly small corner within it, I have learned that I  am quite happy with this small blog following. On December 30, WordPress sent me the Happy Anniversary notification because apparently, I’ve had this blog for 3 years! Each year, I have considerably improved & grown. And that’s all I can ask of myself–to keep growing, learning, and improving.

Also, this year marks the start of so many of you walking down this lane & I’m thankful to each one of you. Because, you make this a community.

**drum-roll** PLEASE!! Just kidding that’s too much work. Let’s just get into it.

  1. An Open Letter to Good Kids 

This is one of the most passionate posts I have ever written since I am so, so burdened for kids under the label of good. If that’s how you grew up, or you are just curious about the effects of the “good kid” mantra, just click HERE.


2. It’s Not About the Bride

Well, of course a wedding post had to make it in the top. GOOD GRIEF!! Another wedding post, you say to yourself?! I am actually kinda sorry to be sharing another wedding thing. However, this is a topic I am passionate about. The wedding day is not about the bride. Do not get sucked into the widely accepted lie that the wedding is all about the bride & it’s the bride’s day. I could go on and on about this, but I won’t. Just read HERE.


3. Our First Home

This is just totally fun. As a new wife and keeper of a little home, I have so enjoyed putting personal touches all around the house. Except for the gobs of white paint we had to use, the whole house thing was such an exciting thing to experience. Take a tour HERE.


4. A Picture’s Worth

Another completely fun post that doesn’t require you to think too hard. I let my guests take photos at our wedding. And I’m so glad I did. I definitely have photos that make me cringe and wedding dress malfunctions sprinkled throughout, but I also have awesome, magical moments that have been captured forever by people I love very dearly. Care to see it?

((look at all those guests with cameras!))

And I guess it wasn't too windy for the kiss! :)

5. 5 Things Every Girl Should Know about Being Engaged

In the midst of being engaged, I saw how bridal magazines portratyed engagements and how they actually played out. I saw Pinterest and the all too popular #relationshipgoals hashtag before getting down to business and writing a post to say…NO, engagement is not a fluffy cloud of red roses and bridal showers, and subperb DIY’s. True story. Read it for yourself HERE.



I can’t go a whole post and not share Better than a Fairytale, because that whole April ordeal was a miracle. Countless prayers were answered in a months time, a million tears were wiped away by the miraculous way that God provided a way for my body to begin the healing process. More HERE.


So, there you have it! I hope you decide to click on at least one of the blog posts, and maybe if you’re feeling super adventurous, you’ll read TWO of them! But it’s New Years, and for us  non-party animals, that can be a lot to ask! 🙂

Happy New Year, fellow friends & readers. This lane is made sweeter by your company. I look forward to being in this community for another year.

Here we come, 2016!


Post Alert!!

My birthday is coming up really soon, and I always write a deeper, reflective post about my year & share it on my birthday. So, keep on the look-out for a post named Dear 20.

You’ll want to read it, I think.

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