October Life { An Update}

I wanted to write and share with you a little about my life before jumping into other blog posts. I also know there are a few new readers here, and I wanted to welcome you. So, WELCOME!! 🙂

October was a full month with our Real Women series. I was challenged and encouraged greatly by the women who shared their stories with me and all of us! It was also strange to be doing so much work behind the scenes, but not writing nearly as much as usual. A nice break, but strange nonetheless. 🙂

These past two months proved to be really growing for me in several different ways. I learned some things that I look forward to sharing with you. I am also finally settling into my new home and really beginning to enjoy my surroundings as well as the people I am connecting with. One day you wake up, and just realize this is your home & you have to start living like it is (but more about that lesson in a different post!)

My cooking skills are improving and the Crockpot is quite literally a fairy godmother. For a couple of my favorite recipes just click here & here.  Super easy, OK! I burn popcorn & toast, so if I can do it….you can too!! 🙂 I am also enjoying a couple small blogs both written by seniors in high school. They have just shared some deeper thoughts with me via the posts they write. It’s worth a peek. so I’ve given you a shortcut to get there: Better than a Fairytale & The Unprofessional Blogger. 🙂

Here is my October in photos:

My FIRST fall decorations sent to me by my wonderful mom!
We caught the sun, or the sun caught us.
We caught the sun, or the sun caught us. Frankie’s white tail blended in so well to my shirt, that I thought I gained weight & it freaked me out! HA-HA 🙂
Visiting my sister!
Visiting my sister!
Trying on my mother-in-law's wedding dress. :)
Trying on my mother-in-law’s wedding dress. 🙂
And, of course, last but not least...the grilling of delicious meat almost every Thursday of this month!
And, of course, last but not least…the grilling of delicious meat almost every Thursday of this month!

I just wanted to give you a small window into my October. Despite the growing pains of my heart, I truly enjoyed so much in October & have learned absolutely a ton about who I am and who I need to become in Christ’s strength and grace.

Stick around, because November will be full of reflections—both personal & general. And I can’t wait to share!


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