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Leanne’s Story | Dating

Meet Leanne!


1. How did you meet your man?

Working at Panera bread. We closed together every day and just starting talking, then one day we went out to eat and bam!

2. What is one of the most difficult things about dating?

Communication and understanding. It takes time and patience to understand each other and learn how to respect each other through communication. I want him to understand and listen to me and be there for me, but I also cannot be selfish and not put in the same effort. This is how you fall in love. It’s about loving the other, respecting the other, knowing the other, and understanding, or trying to understand.


3. What kind of pictures and/or statuses bother you most when girls post about their relationships on social media?

Kissing pics… a cute one ok, but that’s enough. Privacy of your relationship is because its serious. Post things you want to share and understand not every moment needs to be shared. Enjoy time with him without posting about it. It’s not about your image, its about your heart.

  • Do you believe that maintaining a level of privacy is vital to the health of your relationship?

Yes absolutely!

4. What is the best adventure that you’ve had with your boyfriend so far?

We have been lost a number of times, but we always laugh about it. We have gone on trips to my family’s house and have gone star gazing, but the best adventure I think we have had was a trip to Culver city, then lost in Venice beach. We had a long drive, so lots of time to talk and tell stories.

Then we saw some art, and walked forever. We then got lost in Venice Beach ,and we both got frustrated with each other….which we then got over and were laughing about when we finally found the beach. Or there is the time we went hiking and I saw a snake, which resulted in me running in random directions, and screaming and crying. The worst part is this was at about 2 months dating, but now its a good memory.


5. What is one of your most fun memories together?

My favorite memory was our first trip to the beach together. We stayed to watch the sun set, and I loved just sitting and talking. Our first date was at LACMA and that is another favorite because we were barely dating one month and still very nervous together, so now I can look back and laugh about those nerves.

And another, the day it was raining so much, we made hot cocoa, watched movies and talked for hours on the couch dreaming of our future, learning Spanish, and enjoying being in love. Late night taco dates. And I loved the Irvine petting zoo date day! ahahah so many to choose just one.


6. If you could label a false perception of dating, what would it be?

A false perception would be that you are complete with him. No, you are a complete person alone. God made us that way. Yes, He can add to your person and make you better and stronger in some ways, but never forget your personal worth and value as a child of God

7. If you could give any girls advice about dating what would you tell them right now?

Be happy alone, and wait for the right guy. He is worth the wait. Pray for your mystery man even now


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