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Cheyenne’s Story | Dating

Meet Cheyenne!


1. How did you meet your man?

Micah and I met when his family moved to Ironwood in the 3rd grade. We grew up as childhood friends! ☺

What is the most difficult thing about dating?

Long Distance! It was both good for us, yet extremely difficult at times! Learning to understand one another and what they’re doing. It gets very frustrating to not go through life together and to do all your communication over the phone/skype/ or texting. Misunderstandings definitely come up! Girls think WAY different than guys, and the sooner you understand that and learn the ways of a guy.. the better! Haha


3. What kind of pictures an/or statues bother you most when girls post about their relationships?

I don’t usually mind when girls post about their relationships. What bothers me is when they CONSTANTLY post something. When all you ever see from them is how much ooey gooey they love their guy, that’s when it gets annoying! Get pictures with other friends! Say posts about other adventures! I enjoy seeing pictures of many things, not just how much awesomeness you and your boyfriend contain. Just overused posts get annoying. Leave some of your relationship to privacy. You don’t need to post every sweet things he does. If that was the case, I’d be posting all day long! 😉 haha

  • Do you believe that maintaining a level of privacy is vital to the health of your relationship?

Yes, I believe that maintaining a level of privacy is vital to a healthy relationship. It’s very easy for girls to look at other girls and make it into a “competition” without even realizing it at first. Oh they did that, we must do this.. it then becomes all about the attention you’re receiving from others. That’ll ruin any relationship!

There’s something sweet about a couple showing love to one another and the rest of the world having no idea. That’s when you know you’ve got something good. When you don’t feel the need to post everything about how sweet he is and what he is doing for you. Keep it between the two of you- it’s more meaningful that way. Also, no one really cares what he did besides you. That’s just the truth.

4. What is the best adventure you have had with your boyfriend so far?

Best adventure… oh boy! Too many to say. Haha! I always enjoy the simple things, like going to the bluffs and just hanging out or taking our evening walks with coffee, starting traditions like doing a puzzle at the end of every summer! But I’ve also enjoyed Knottsberry Farm, visiting Lake Perris, hiking, and things like that. I’m sorry.. way too hard to choose!

Cheyenne3 Cheyenne4

5. What is one of your most fun memories?

I guess the most fun memories are also the same as the most adventurous times. ☺ I always enjoy living life together. Just going throughout the day enjoy the simple things! You don’t need fireworks to have an enjoyable time (even though fireworks are awesome) just doing normal everyday life together is always fun!


6. If you could label a false perception of dating what would it be?

“I won’t be lonely if I’m dating.” This is false because although you may be dating, you may also be lonely. If you’re only in the relationship for what you can get out of it, you will always find yourself lonely. There will always be a void. The only way not to be lonely, is to put God as the center of your relationship and constantly be thinking of ways to love, serve, and encourage him expecting NOTHING in return. That’s true love.


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