Being a Woman | Being a Wife


The truth is…

I love being a wife. I’m glad that I get to be the woman who makes his lunch for work every day. I love doing our laundry and hanging our clothes out on the line. I love making us dinner. I love vacuuming our house and cleaning our toilet. I love being the woman who cheers on his dreams.

I love watching him succeed. I love making our bed in the morning.I love being at home as I work toward my life goals. I love routinely heating up the water for tea or cappuccino, whichever one he fancies that day. I love seeing him off to work. And I love sweeping the floor and cob webbing the whole house, keeping track of the receipts and the money we spend.

I love taking out the trash multiple times a week and dusting the rooms and cleaning the windows. I wouldn’t say I love washing the dishes, but I do enjoy keeping them clean. I love making a grocery list, and I love asking my husband for help when I need it. I love keeping his water bottle cold and full. I even enjoy cleaning up the dog messes.

I’m content being a woman. I’m happy being a wife. And you know, a woman isn’t limited to the things above, she can do many things. But never let the media lie to you and say that being a wife and a homemaker is a drudgery. Because it’s not. Don’t let the media convince you that because you have a husband then you are shackled to a life of woe. Don’t make him do his own laundry and make his own sandwich just to make a point.

You are not entitled to empowerment. You’re just not. Being a woman is wonderful, whether you work or stay at home. You can do many things, thousands of things! I believe that. I know that. But you absolutely cannot get it in your head that you are superior. That you are above doing the laundry and making a lunch. You cannot believe that because you are a capable woman, then you are exempt from washing the dishes or straightening the house.

You are commanded to be selfless. And so are men, but I’m talking specifically about women right now. So if you have a house take care of it. If you have a husband, love him. If you are in the workplace, serve your co-workers and be humble. If you are a woman who refuses to help others, then you will be miserable. I promise.

Love what you do.

Be content with who you are.

Do not live entitled.

God made you a woman. So be a woman who loves and serves, who works and sacrifices, who is strong yet admits weakness. Be the woman who goes against society when it promotes selfish entitlement. Be a woman after God’s heart.

Because, it’s not about Society and Image and being Number 1.

It’s about being the woman that God intended for you to be. Nothing more and nothing less.

2 thoughts on “Being a Woman | Being a Wife

  1. Well said, Sierra. It is funny to think about you being half my age & understanding what it took me the majority of my life to truly understand. You have been taught well by many in your life who live their lives to serve others. It has been well modeled by both women & men. I pray my daughters can have the understanding you do when they are your age. May God richly bless you & Ben & your home as you seek to be the women God has made you to be!


    1. Thank you, Ali, for your encouraging words. God has brought SO many people in my life to teach me & to mentor me. I cannot take credit for any of the life lessons God has already granted to me. I pray to live them out && not just write of them. God is my Strength. And He is good. Thank you for your care!


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