The Reason for the Cheesin’

I decided to distribute a handful of disposable cameras at my wedding so I could see what my guests thought important enough to capture.

Interesting results, as I figured they would be.

The pictures were black, fuzzy, good, bad, and blurry, but even in the midst of this chaos, there were perfect memories captured forever. I had moments frozen in time from the eyes of a child and moments frozen by my 70 year old Grandpa. And this is one of my favorite pictures captured by those dinky little cameras with the fuzzy film.


Intermingled with these sweet memories came some good laughs. The flower girls, for instance, deserve a blog post all there own (and they just might get one in the  near future)

However, the flower girls weren’t the only ones to cause a smile. I also came across several pictures with the same bridesmaid sporting the same cheesy smile,  and it brought me to a conclusion.

(and I have permission to share this post. My bridesmaid  {now sister-in-law} and I had a good laugh about it together).

So here is my conclusion:

The reason that my bridesmaid, Mattie, sported this cheesy look in multiple pictures was because she was thrilled, and I do mean thrilled that she was walking down the aisle to a wedding that wasn’t her own. She got married almost a year before me. So I guess that made her a brides-matron, or something like that. Is that a thing? Anyway, whatever.

Mattie had already experienced this whole planning ordeal, the complete wonderful wedding fiasco/magical event thingy thing that Pinterest makes a big hoopla about. So when she saw these cheesy pictures of herself,  she easily admitted in laughter that she was just so happy that this wasn’t her wedding!

I get her now. Completely.

So, this cheesy face is a testament to the fact that there is so much more awesome in having your wedding day behind you! No matter how wonderful and magical your wedding day turns out to be.

Where’s the proof of this conclusion, you ask?

Right here.

Ignore the wind that is clearly getting in the way, but can’t you just see her face starting to break into the cheesin’ position as she begins the walk? She’s probably thinking… “Not my wedding, not my monkeys” (Get it!?…..well, it made me laugh).


And the smile is in fine form now! Get past the fuzzy and the sun rays and what can you hear her smile saying?  “I’m so glad this is not my wedding. I’m so glad this is not my wedding. I’m SO glad this is not my wedding.”


And let me tell you something, she was a beautiful bride! Just look at the picture below.

Photo by Katie Walktins. Property of Mattie Rodruiguez
Photo by Katie Walktins. Property of Mattie Rodruiguez

But at the end of the day, walking down the aisle to a wedding that isn’t your own is bliss. Plain and simple. If you don’t believe me,

well then…


Believe that face!

2 thoughts on “The Reason for the Cheesin’

  1. I very vividly remember the first wedding I “attended” (via live stream) after my own wedding. The joy of it not being my wedding combined with the happiness I felt for the people about to experience all the craziness of being newlyweds was a weird emotion. But yes, I remember smiling some crazy smiles. Glad no one documented mine. 🙂 [The wedding happened to be Jon & Steph’s in case you were wondering.] Maybe you’ll have the same experience at the next wedding you’re at.

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