Just a little blog post to let you all that….

Starting on the evening of May 23rd, I will be on vacation!

More popularly known as a honeymoon.

I won’t be changing my name on Facebook until after the honeymoon and I won’t be sharing wedding pictures until summertime. Deal.

Also, blogging will be hit or miss until around June 16th. I’ll write when it flows after the honeymoon.

I am needing a social media fast (and who in their right mind wants to be on social media when they are enjoying their honeymoon, anyway?!).

I’ll have lots of adventures for you when I get back….like the first meals I burned for my husband. Or how I painted a room in our new house the wrong color. Or how I may break all our nice new cups in transport. Seriously, I just might. Needless to say, there will be a plenty happening in the summertime.

Until then, enjoy the fact that your email inbox won’t be chalk full of “Down Cottonwood Lane” blog posts.

PS: This is a pre-written post. Don’t worry ((cause, I totally know you were)).

PPS: Also, the only  acceptable time in which I can have a double chin is if my now husband is making me laugh just like this. In which case, I love my double chin. Be back later.

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