Confessions of the Engaged (Insane?) Woman

Just 21 days until…ya know…the day. And I may be am going  delusional, but I gotta say there are some {more} things that I’m preeeeetttty sure need to be said about this whole “engagement process.” Ready? Bring your laughing hearts. I just need to get these out.

The planning never ends…ever…ever. Because, oh my dear, we are getting down to the tablecloths & that is the important stuff of life.

Example: I dreamed in wedding plans the other night. I worked out details and problems and totally beasted that dream….only to wake up stiff as ever with none of the plans accomplished and a very bad headache from the intensity of it all. Lovely, lovely. Just 21 more days, my heart. You can do it.

Aww, look how gloriously unaware we were of all the work ahead?
Aww, look how gloriously unaware we were of all the work ahead.
The details don’t sleep.

 Clarification: I’m not psyching myself out about the wedding. Promise. But the details are! All those little chums fighting for my attention.I often sometimes say no and let them fight their little hearts out. They can wait till morning, but my sleep can’t. And then usually, I fight those guys to the death and check them right off of my to-do list. Check. Check. Check, Check, Check. Check. Checking things off a to-do list is my new only hobby.

Junkyard, baby! That's where all the wedding treasures are!
Junkyard, baby! That’s where all the wedding treasures are!
The time in which I have spent thinking about a unity ceremony astonishes me.

Example: I’m still not quite sure what my plans are for this union ceremony. Sand? Candles? Crayons? Paint? Ehhhh, I’ve got 21 days to whip something together. Meanwhile, let me think about it for chunks of time & come up dry for ideas accordingly.

The brain-deadness now shows in the hollow stare.

Clarification: Not because I’m stressed to pieces or anxious about everything or worried or upset at people. I just mean the normal brain-deadness that occurs to most college students right before finals. You know when you take in so many details and so much information that it bounces off of the corners of your sanity because like there’s just so much to be done.

Our weekend delight! It helps us pass the time.
Our weekend delight! It helps us. Trust me.
 I will now never, ever, ever, ever, EVER judge a bride for her wedding day EVER again. Ever.

Clarification: Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Never. Ever.

Example: Eh..hem…we have all done it. Yes, even you. The disapproving glance at some odd piece of décor or the frantic, frazzled mess someone is. Or the bridesmaid dresses. Or the choice of a wedding cake. Or that awful, awful wedding dress. What was she thinking anyway?

You name it and somebody has judged it. And I’m just saying that after my rather pleasant experience (mind you), I am still exhausted from every detail, plan, and conversation concerning the wedding. I now look forward to the time I can go to someone else’s wedding and cast a sympathetic look in the bride’s direction, and thank the Lord that my wedding day is over.

I mean, look what I chose to wear for our engagement pictures....
I mean, look what I chose to wear for our engagement pictures….can you imagine the…wedding?
Wedding hashtags are now acceptable (what?) on my social media accounts.

Example: I used to be rather wary of hashtags. Now, I understand them. But I mean #weddinghastags can be like so annoying. But you know, hey, I’ve got them spattered throughout my social media accounts…(ie: #futureFedorko #21moredays #wedding). I have officially joined the love-dazed, hashtagging engaged girls’ group. #WhateverThatIsAbout

The functionality of the brain stops & starts whenever it so chooses.

Clarification: Oh, I need to go do….errrr….EEEPPPP….Crash and Burn. This post is over. I think I’ve confessed enough for one day and my brain now putters to a complete stop.

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