{A  poem from high school //03.18.12}

There are few in this world.

That grow from a little girl.

Into someone beautiful.

It takes the story of a life.

A laugh in the rain.

A tear in the sorrow.

To truly own the name.

The loss of a child.

The love of a man.

The force of a smile.

When you don’t understand.

Beautiful will keep on walking.

When her world grows dark.

She opens the door when grief comes knocking.

Allowing the tears to strengthen her heart.

She embraces the laughter.

Puts others first and herself after.

She loves despite the noise.

That screams she’s not enough.

Her smiles come even though.

She doesn’t feel them.

Her care is shown

Even when

The pain is overbearing.

Too often life goes by.

And we don’t even know.

Someone beautiful, someone true.

Someone like that you don’t let go.

Someone as beautiful as you.

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