{A poem from high school}

Facing the strength of the foe.

Saving the peace of the citizen.

Keeping the keys of freedom.

Walking the path of war.

Creeping close to death.

Conqueres the dangers there.

Forgets his sanity.

Fighting the want to stumble.

Thinking of his family.

Trying to best remember.

People he left behind.

Pressing them to his heart.

Courage is his strength.

Constant is his faith.

Loyalty goes before him.

Loves his country men.

He marches into battle.

Making every move.

To rid the land of violience.

As he ventures close to death.

His breathing comes in rasps.

His body shakes in fear.

His heart hardly beating.

His response stiff, unmoving.

He lies on ground unclean.

Calls vainly out for help.

Losing strength to heal.

His body now unfeeling.

He dies alone, forgotten.

Around the world unknowing.

Is the heroic soldier’s death.

To give them freedom’s breath.


{At 15, I was burdened for the men who lost their lives for America, the ones we still don’t know. I wanted to acknowledge them.}

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