5 Things Girls Should Know about Being Engaged

Here is my equivalent of a Valentines Day post. It’s much more practical than the mushy post that you probably already saw on your News feed today. For now, it’s just some practical & quite humorous thoughts on being engaged.


1. It’s really not cutesy & magical.

Yeah, I’m watching all of your dreams burn to the ground (OK, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration). But the truth is, you and your man are actually just the same people in the same life. While frilly, fluffy, lovey dovey excitement is unavoidable…it’s not there 24/7. Trust me. Also, those cutesy pictures that engaged girls seem to post all the time….


“I said yes to the dress!”


“Flowers from my hubby-to-be, cause we are in the double digits!” 

WELL…there is absolutely nothing wrong with excitement. SNAP, I’m thrilled to be getting married soon, but there is actually just a lot of hard work that goes into those statues and pictures. Girls have a way of arranging things to look just so & engaged girls can often make it look really cute, even if the process was not at all cute.

2. It’s a lot more like a list, than a fluffy Cloud 9.

Sure, you spend the first week floating, staring at your ring, and blushing like a twitterpated idiot ( I did, at least). And I’m still smitten! But eventually, you have to start working to pull the wedding together. And you start making list, after list…after list of things to do. You start accomplishing tasks and checking them off the notebook paper! Cloud 9 is no less wonderful, but it is suddenly task-oriented and that’s OK!

3. There are much more important things to do than plan your wedding.

GASP! The pressure our society puts on a mere wedding day is outlandish. You know what I most remember about weddings? The fact that 2 people get married in the end! That’s basically all. And that’s what matters. So, plan the wedding, BUT take time for the relationships in your life that truly matter. Prioritieskeep them.

4. You will give up girlhood wedding dreams for good reasons.

Don’t be afraid of saying, “Ah, that’s OK..we don’t need to do that.” Maybe that dream is too expensive, maybe it could be offensive, or maybe your future spouse just doesn’t like the idea. Don’t jeopardize relationships for one day of your life. Give it up. And you just may find that a different dream takes its place, which also happens to be a better dream.

5. Humbly listen to the advice of others; let them help you.

Older women often (though,not always) have good advice. They have learned a boatload more than you! Whatever it is (err…pride) about us young-ins’ that makes us coil at helpful advice from others really just needs to stop. Some advice you just leave behind, nevertheless take the time to intently listen to it. Stop thinking, “Oh great….more advice….like I need one more person to tell me something!” Listen. Understand. Take it or or Leave it. But always…always be kind. I don’t care if the advice is that your bridesmaids should wear bright orange pumpkins on their head! You listen to that older lady speak. You let her finish and you hold your laughter in until later (maintaining respect, of course).

People generally love weddings. Let them help you. Let them give advice. Enjoy the fact that they want to be a part of this momentous day!

I just thought that someone should compile a list for all the girls that are wondering or dreaming of that special time. I’m enjoying these planning months. I’m more in love with Ben than I was when I got engaged, but then we are investing in our relationship more than our wedding plans. Be content wherever you are, and I promise that being engaged will be some of the most fun that you have ever had.



If you’re curious, you can read about our wedding turned out HERE.

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