Crow’s Feet

“Oh, the sun!”, they said! It’s caused from the sunlight that has you squinting all day long. I suppose that the sun “could” have had something to do with it. But for some reason, the lines seem deeper these days. And I think that you are the culprit. You make me laugh. It’s the kind of laugh that begins deep within my gut and then just bursts forth. You make me smile. It’s the kind of smile that has me squinting, because it’s just so huge.

I don’t think the sun is giving me crow’s feet anymore. I think that you are.


Crow’s feet. Deep and unashamed. I’ve just turned twenty and look at those lines. My face is changing with the inevitable course of age and already my crow’s feet are so defined.


Days aren’t always full of this unabashed happiness and zest for laughter. Even my crow’s feet need a rest. After all, life comes with all sorts of emotions.



Even so, they get back to work, because the crow’s feet are telling a story. Our story. And they just can’t afford to miss one smile or laugh. I don’t blame their persistence in being there. In fact, I welcome it.


Because at the end of the day, I know the sun isn’t the culprit anymore… are.


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