One Word Snapshots

Whisper Me Our Sisterhood

SisterhoodBabies. Growing. Girls. Laughing. Women. Learning. Sisters. Always.

Sharing. Failing. Binding. Walls. Safe. Careful. Secrets. Bearing. All.

Adolescence. Us. Dreaming. Perfection. Searching. Living. Carefree.

More secrets. Hidden talk. Higher walls. Deeper love. Discovering boys. Becoming young women.

Makeup application. Mascara woes. Sharing foundation. Taming blush. Growing pains. Suddenly aware.

Older teens. Priorities changing. Finding a guy. Heartbreak inevitable. Sisters there. Healing happens.

Leaving for college. Tears in separation. Quiet breathing gone. Our morning routine changed. Separate worlds. Yet the same.

Telephone talk still in whispers. Secrets still intact. Acceptance between us greater. Trust forever ours. Calling late at night. Crying together at Starbucks. Companionship in sickness. Hysterically losing it. Mood swings still swinging. Forgiveness still our song. Forever love our lyrics.

Our wishing well still wishing. Camaraderie our main waltz. Laughter erupts after tears. Sharing our best eyeshadow. Wardrobes still mixed up. Sisters now and forever.

So, whisper me your fears. Whisper me your secrets. . Whisper me that boy you like. Whisper me your sadness. Whisper me your joy. Whisper me your heart. Whisper and I’ll listen.

Whisper, and I’ll whisper back.

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