whiteoutI have become a proud user of Whiteout in the last week. It seems that my mistakes get funnier and funnier as the week comes to a close. If messing up everyone’s grades wasn’t enough, I also locked my keys in the classroom effectively stamping my day with a reason to laugh. My real life Romeo (aka Ben) came to my rescue and climbed through the classroom window to retrieve the keys for me.

During this week, I filled myself with Bigelow mint tea and Dunkin Donuts coffee, both of which helped me successfully move through the first hours of the morning. I normally don’t drink this much coffee, and I really shouldn’t since I also cut myself trying to open the box of creamers. Yup. A nice deep cut right on my thumb from my persistence to open a box of creamer that was, in fact, very important!

I learned that swinging is a small type of exercise that I can easily do without straining my hernia. I am thrilled to have found this out, so I get one point on the success side of my week! I also learned that short walks with my best friend (aka Ben) is sincerely one of the best parts of my day. Falling into bed has not felt this good in a long while. I go to bed, knowing that I did my best and knowing that I worked my hardest. It is amazing to have full days, but exhausting as I shift my schedule around to meet the other needs of my day. I am juggling different responsibilities and finding which ones should be accomplished and which ones can be saved for later.

I am no longer in the momentum of 5 kids that are 2 years old and younger. I am now embracing Jr. High Keyboarding and Literature {and I must say that my weekend read of Ben-Hur excites me}. I am remembering that Jr. Highers say the most random things {and I sometimes feel like I’m just one of them too}. I enjoy listening to their chatter. I love watching them grow under the pressures of school, because I know that one day, they will be thankful that they had the pressure of required homework assignments and hard tests.

I don’t mind taking out the Whiteout and gracefully smearing it on my mistakes, because I’m glad to be learning, and I know that this learning process is far from over. So, I’ll whip out my Whiteout and spread it’s magical healing powers over my gnarled {hilarious} mistakes.

So, if you see me around in the next couple of days or weeks {probably even years}, just pull out a bottle of Whiteout and hand it to me. I will grasp onto that plastic bottle with no shame and add it to my collection. I’m glad for these mistakes, because I am learning so much.

I had a great time at school this week, and I look forward to the numerous Whiteout opportunities that will be available in about 48 hours.

4 thoughts on “Whiteout”

  1. As a teacher myself, I’m so glad to be hearing your school stories! And the way you tell them, with your unique voice and gift with words makes it even more enjoyable. Great work, Sierra!


    1. I’m so glad you stopped by again! I am making mistakes right & left. Whiteout is seriously my best pal at school! I enjoy teaching my JH classes. What a blessing to be so involved in education. Thank you so much for your encouragement. It’s been a fun few weeks. 🙂


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