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Tips to Overcome Image Insecurity

I have written on this topic before, because so many girls struggle with the whole concept of beauty. Often Christian bloggers and women attempt to make a girl feel good about herself. They try to satisfy her by saying that she IS beautiful. She IS perfect just the way she is.


I’m tired of that. It doesn’t help girls. It gives them temporary satisfaction and honestly it may not even do that. Girls need practical advice on how to move past insecurity, so I have just a simple 5 today. There are more I am sure, but let’s just start with these 5 practical ways.


Realize that it’s not about you!

DUN! DUN! DUN! It’s not about you. *insert dramatic music here*. Seriously, it’s not about you. So stop making it all about you and how you feel with the way you look. In no way is it wrong to desire to look nice and presentable, but obsessing over it? That’s selfish.

You weren’t made to look this way for your pleasure and satisfaction. You are a vessel for Christ. Sculpted for Him. Made for Him. You were not fearfully and wonderfully made for you. You were fearfully and wonderfully made for Christ! Remember that every day. Think about it every morning. Replace the “I am not beautiful and it makes me insecure” for the “I am made for God. I am made to glorify Him and He will never let me go. I am secure in Him.”

Realize that obsessing over your looks is an honest waste of time.

I find that most women spend the first part of their lives discontent with the way they look. They spend the second part of their lives trying to accept their image after giving birth to a child (and remember they were discontent with their image even before having children). Then, they spend the third and final part of their lives fighting off the wrinkles that some people will never have the privilege to experience. That’s a lot of time wasted! So, what is one way that we can avoid this viscous cycle? And I’m guilty to this viscous cycle too, just so you know!

Sit down and write a list of challenges and trials being faced by others and pray for them instead of worrying about your looks. The next time you are bombarded with the thoughts of “I’m not beautiful!” and “I am so fat!!”, remember your friend who is in a hard situation. Immediately choose to pray for her instead of wasting valuable thoughts on yourself and your satisfaction in beauty. Pray for others in place of worrying about your own beauty or the lack you feel you have.

Accept that someone will ALWAYS be prettier than you.

This is awesome to me! So simple and so true! You are not the most beautiful girl in the whole world and you NEVER will be. So get over it. The next time you see a beautiful girl, don’t be jealous. Look at her an be in awe that God, your Creator and Savior, made her this way. He made her with the beauty that she has. He sculpted her and knows her heart and the plan He has for her life. Let it amaze you. Be amazed by your Creator.

Think about the truth that He made you, designed your face, created your being, and holds your heart in His hands. It’s impossible to wallow in self-pity when you think about the Creator who made you (in His image no less!) AND who also loves you.

Take about 5-10 minutes every day to look at the world around you, every person around you, every place, and great wonder in the universe and be in AWE that God created all of it. Be more in awe of the Creator than in the created. That means put your jealousy aside. And while you’re at it, just put yourself completely aside. Think about your Creator!!!

Look for the needs of others & help them!

One of the best things that my dad ever taught me was to “find a need and fill it.” One of the best things that my mom ever taught me was to look for ways to help other people when I was overcome with my own worries and problems. These two lessons go hand in hand. And they will help you when you are struggling with your image.

So, the next time you find yourself worrying and obsessing over the way you look, purposefully find someone who needs your help and give them a hand! Wow, this simple step really does wonders!!! I’ve done it lots before. It works! When you begin to help others, you realize there are greater things to think about than your image & you begin to see the true value in other people.

Identify your past insecurities and victories then transparently share yourself to help others.

Don’t share about yourself for the sake of yourself. Share yourself to help others move past their trials. I have talked to many girls about a myriad of problems, and the primary one is the insecurity they feel in their image. They seem to explain their problem as if they are embarrassed by it. As though, they are the only ones to have ever experienced it.

Now, I just look at them and say, “I think it is so cool that you have struggled in this way! Because you understand this insecurity really well. You know the ins and outs of this problem and you can empathize and help others move past it. Embrace it! Use it!”

Seriously! It is awesome that all of us struggle in different ways that allow us to help another so thoroughly. If we would stop wallowing in ourselves and burying our insecurities on top of one another, we could really help each other grow!

So, what insecurity have you struggled with the most? How has God taught you to overcome it? What are the simple steps you took every day that led you to eventual victory? Share your thoughts!  Of course, you still struggle and that’s fine. But someone needs your help and your advice. Stop hiding. Let others see you, so you can help them. Stop thinking of yourself. Start thinking of others!

These are just 5 very simple ways to overcome the selfishness that we seem to indulge in every day.  I think these simple steps will really make a difference in the way you think about yourself, about others, and about your Creator.

It is truly time to put aside our obsession with feeling beautiful, and embrace the wonderful truth that God created us to glorify Him. We are alive for Him! Therefore, our thoughts and actions should be centered around the Creator, not the created.





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    1. I hope that girls across the nation will read this & apply these things! Thank you for reading & for commenting! I am so thankful for you!


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