21 Yesterdays

Don’t let the fears that scare you,

Suffocate the way you live.

Don’t bind yourself in ropes,

That you can’t untangle.

It will never change.

If you refuse today.

To change the way you act.

How you speak and when you laugh.

Reflect where you are standing.

Think before you move.

And when someone walks beside you.

Are you stepping forward or behind?

And when you hold someone’s hand,

Is it so you can take the comfort,

Or give the hope they need?

And when you cry your tears.

Don’t let them fall forever

And after there is pain.

Find what you have learned.

And when you lose someone close,

Don’t drown within the loss.

Reflect the way they were a gift.

And how they’ll always hold

A part of  you. But, don’t forget,

The rest of you is here.

How will you live today?

Lost in 21 Yesterdays?

Where is your life to go,

In the moment that happens Now?

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