Let’s Not “Love”

togetherI am sure that a bazillion blogs will have some love-related post during this month. That’s fine and dandy. But, I’ve been thinking about something lately. Well, for the last couple of weeks really. I have been thinking about the word “love”.
This word really doesn’t me much anymore. Because, don’t we “just LOVE brownies”, but we also “Love God so much!” Have we really just put brownies and God on the same level? Don’t worry.
I’m writing to myself just as much as I’m writing to you!
It’s actually something that I’ve been trying to change. I don’t love brownies, I like them. I’m not going to give them my time. I’m not going to care for them and cherish them. No! That’s foolish, but we use the word “love” for things such as brownies all the time!
Don’t get me wrong, I like brownies! I REALLY like brownies, but it seems so wrong to use the word “love ” when I’m talking about them, but I find myself doing it all the time! Don’t you?
Oh! I love that book!
I love this movie!
I love those shoes!
I love that, I’d wear that all the time!
I love this meal!
I love this game!
I love this store!
I love Disney!
I love God!…….wait what?? Put it that way and the word “love” doesn’t mean very much, does it?
God is the definition of love, and we are responsible to live out that love. Excuse me, for believing that love is not found in eating brownies…..or wearing a pair of cool shoes….or  reading a favorite book…or…well, you get the point.
Let’s love people, not brownies.
Let’s love God, not things.
Let’s protect the meaning of love, not degrade it.
Let’s become a society that restores the meaning that love is intended to have.

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