Impassioned Courage

His evil pleasure radiates.

To capture heart and soul.

His sharpened sword of silver plate.

Drives through a life so full.

A sturdy man of hearty build.

Stares at the beast so dark.

Valor coursed through every vein, the running never stilled.

As life depended only on a lone, courageous heart.

The monster’s eyes a seaweed green.

Showed depths of screaming rage.

His body spoke a nightmare’s dream.

He lived in timeless age.

The man yelled out a battle cry.

And gripped his sword of steel.

He lunged with strength and jumped so high.

A fight that seemed unreal.

A clash of swards rang in the air.

The monster flashed his fire.

The man had slashed the head of hair.

And provoked the monster’s ire.

The monster sprung in rigid hate.

And swung the sword of death.

The man drew back, but was too late.

And released a hollow breath.

The man fell down in drops of sweat.

And gasped to live and breathe.

But, weakness pressed upon his chest.

The tears of pain would not relieve.

As if a cloud of thunder roared.

Impassioned courage urged within.

As if a bird in freedom soared.

Flying courage seeped above his skin.

Darkened clouds in threatening skies.

Dropped icy rain that swiftly poured.

Bravery danced inside his eyes.

His bloody hand took up the sword.

He struggled up onto his feet.

He clenched his teeth to ease his pain.

His weakened chest held no defeat.

He raised his sword to the monster’s frame.

The monster laughed into the air.

A cold and musty, heartless sound.

He gave the man a frozen stare.

That held his eyes a prisoner bound.

Impassioned courage filled the man.

And with its force, he took a leap.

He fought the monster with his hands.

Then grabbed his sword and plunged it deep.

The monster dropped his sword of death.

As paleness filled his beast-like face.

One last time the monster’s breath.

Hugged the world with its embrace.

The man reached out to touch the beast.

And closed the deadened eyes of hate.

With this action was a world released.

From a monster’s evil, pressing weight.

The man lay down, his weakness stark.

But felt as sunlight touched the ground.

Impassioned courage was his heart.

As he slipped from earth without a sound.


Sometimes, fighting for something means dying for it too.


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