The Path of Occupied

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I walked down the path of Occupied. So many people are crowding my way. All wondering. All searching. Every one is convinced that this path will lead them to answers. Because in this collective Mind, all people believe answers are everything. I walk directly behind someone. He walks with worry, concern. He is hoping that this path will show him what he’s supposed to do. We reach the sign at the same time.

Future is present. And, Now will be Then. And, now will be over. By how you live Then.

I have the smallest inkling that this sign is trying to tell me that answers aren’t everything, choices are.

I keep walking down the path of Occupied because I am not satisfied. I want to know more about my Future. The problem is that this path is laced with worry. My eyes lose life, my ability to communicate to others is tainted by the occupation of my Mind. I see the next sign.

And Future is made. Of all things today. The way you live Now. Is how you’ll live Then.

And, it is back, the thought that perhaps it is not the answers that I need, but the actions that I should take.

I keep on going. I am running now. Convinced that the true answer is just beyond my reach and if I run far enough, then I will find it. I collide with people, all scrambling to find their Future. All trying to look beyond what they can immediately see. I am breathless as I reach the next sign.

You tell me you wonder. Of how it will be. In that far distant Future. You never can see.

This sign leaves me perplexed. No answers. What are these signs trying to tell me? I join the throng of people still searching, still scrambling. All in this Mind as we try to determine what our Future is. The last sign is not far from me. I race to it. I touch my hands to the script.

And, I tell you just see. The way you live Now. For that is the way. Your future will be.

I drop to my knees ,and I am shocked by how many people run beyond this sign as if they will find more pieces to their Future. But, the signs are so clear. The way that I am living today is the way I will live tomorrow. It is how I will live the rest of my life.If I live Occupied today, then I will live Occupied tomorrow. And, my choices today will be tomorrow’s answers.

I turn away from the crowd of people standing by the sign. I no longer want to live only seeking what will be in my Future. I no longer want my Mind to be occupied by what I don’t know. Today, I want to make the right choices that will eventually lead me to my Future.

Future is present.

And, Now will be Then.

And, Now will be over.

By how you live Then.

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