MaypropicI can’t explain the peace. Am lost in all His love. So weak in my endeavors. But held in grace above. He takes my hand so weary. Is my comfort in the storm. Strong tower in the ruins. ~mine forevermore~

But, I live as though it’s me.

Alive, as though it’s mine.

Only alive because of Christ.

Not here to further me.

This life is not my own.

Here not just to be.

Here for someone else.

Ultimately, Christ.

And, IΒ am notΒ home,

Because there is someone here.

That needs to know of Him.

And, He will take me home.

When, His work through me is done.

“And, when I survey the wondrous cross. On which the Prince of Glory died. My richest gain, I count but loss. And, pour contempt on all my pride.”

Alive for You, because of You. I am weak, but You are strong. Live through me and through me reach the lost. I am Yours and You are mine forevermore.

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