My Journey Through Pain

This Is My God

I am overwhelmed by the goodness and care of my God. Words will never express Him, but they will exalt Him. I wish to exalt Him through this journal. Why would my God care about me this much? How can He love me so much to give me pain, to give me hope, heartache, yet relief? How can He love me so fully, so richly? I fail Him every day. I turn away and must have His hand lead me back. I cannot breathe without him and yet I try to live without Him. Overwhelmed by His goodness, but often so forgetful of His ultimate sacrifice for me (For me!). He is good ,and yet I doubt Him. I am the wandering sheep–unsatisfied, distrustful, confused. But then, God in His overwhelming love and power shows me once again who He is. All-powerful. All-knowing. All-loving. All.

I walk out of the chiropractor’s office with hope, with knowledge, with someone who cares about my health,  and someone who is willing to work around finances to help me. I walk out of the office with God. The same God who allowed this pain. The same God who listened to my desperate prayers in the early morning hours. The same God who saw me cry in the desert. The same God who brought me through every migraine, every pain. The same God who was patient with me while I fought deep within myself. Today, the same God walked out of the chiropractor’s office with me. And, He is with me now. Knowing my past, secure in my future. It’s not about “when you arrive.” It’s not even about “the journey.” No. It’s all about God. It’s seeing your journey change, but your God stay the same. It’s knowing He is with you through every dark night. It’s being assured that He keeps track of every tear, rejoices with you through every triumph. It’s knowing that you belong to the Almighty God. It’s learning to trust. It’s learning to pray. It’s learning who your God is.

I am overwhelmed by my God, because He has never changed through all my pain, through all my discouragement, and through all my hope. Even now, He will never change in all my days to come. I am overwhelmed, because this is my God. Faithful. True. Loving. Always. I choose to run to Christ. After all, He is already running with me, often carrying my weak and distressed body & spirit. This is my God. I run towards Him as He runs with me.

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