Short Stories

The Signs, The Builder

I am not good enough. I am not beautiful. I am insecure. I am afraid. I am afraid. I am afraid. She walked passed each sign. Each were the script of her life. The one-liners she always played. They flashed before her. I am not good enough. I am not talented.

the signs

She kept on walking-the signs in her life grew larger. I am not beautiful. I am insecure. These signs rose above her, before her, around her. She had to crawl to get passed them, and so she lived. She crawled. She passed by sign after sign telling her of her worthlessness. Each sign became easier to believe.

I am insecure.

I am afraid.

I am afraid.

I am afraid.

The signs grew larger and they began to crowd her. She glanced to her right and then to her left. She slowly turned in a small circle.

I am not good enough.

I am not beautiful.

I am insecure.

I am afraid.



These signs entrapped her mind, the words blinded her, and her path was blocked by their presence. Her breathing became labored, the pressure in her heart making it hard to live. She lifted her hand to cover her eyes. But, tight within her grasp, she held a hammer. The hammer was labeled THE WORLD.

She then lifted her other hand, and within its hold was a bucket of nails. Across the front, it read LIES. She realized for the first time that the boards were her path, the hammer was the world, her bucket held the lies, and she chose the script. She was the builder, the constructor of each and every sign.

She built them even as she passed them. Now, she knew that she was unqualified for this position-she could not build her life! Not with the freedom she longed for! All she had was a world of insecurity surrounded by falsehood.

She heard Someone behind her. She only slightly turned to face Him. One look at his hands told her all she needed to know. This One was the Builder of Life and He built the signs of Truth.

His outstretched hands asked her to give Him all. So, she gave Him her World and the bucket of Lies. She surrendered her heart to His hands.And in those hands, her heart found worth and out of His Word came truth.

Now, she follows the signs that He builds for her and daily surrenders the world that threatens to live within. And every surrendered day brings her closer to Him.


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